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why does it hurt to swallow with strep throat

Can Medications Relieve Symptoms of a Sore Throat With a Cold? Over-the-counter cold may relieve cold and sore throat symptoms. However, the benefits of these drugs are minimal. Some cold medications include:
Pain relievers, such as and and, to relieve the aches and pains of a cold and sore throat. ( should not be given to children because of its link to, a disorder that can cause and death. ) Sore throat sprays and lozenges to soothe your throat and numb the throat pain temporarily. (Lozenges should not be given to young children. ) nasal sprays to relieve a sore throat caused by postnasal drip -- nasal drainage that runs down your throat. (Be sure to stop using sprays after three days, or you may have an increase in congestion when you stop them. ) should not be used to treat a cold virus and sore throat. are effective only against bacteria.

They will not work on sore throats associated with, which are caused by viruses. How Is Strep Throat Different From a Sore Throat With a Cold? p throat is caused by an infection of streptococcus bacteria. Strep throat spreads by having contact with an infected person's or nasal secretions. Although strep throat is more common in children ages 5 to 15, it also occurs in adults. To diagnose strep throat, your doctor can check a or send a throat swab to the lab for a culture. In some cases, he or she may be able to diagnose strep based on your reported symptoms and other signs, such as white spots in the throat area, fever, and in the neck.

Is Strep Throat More Serious Than a Sore Throat With a Cold? Strep throat can cause more serious illnesses, such as fever, a disease that may harm the valves. That's why it's important to get proper medical treatment. With proper treatment, strep throat is usually cured within 10 days. Are Strep Throat Symptoms Different From a Sore Throat With a Cold? Red A variety of things -- including overuse, a, a serious virus, or Б can cause a. Another culprit, especially in children and young adults, is the bacteria that creates. A bacterium is the formal name. But how can you tell if itБs strep and not something else?

What Are the Common Symptoms? When you have strep, youБll usually find that your throat is quite raw and it really hurts to swallow. YouБll find that it comes on very fast, not gradually like many other kinds of sore throats. Other symptoms often include: A Really little red spots on the back part of the roof of your Red and swollen (two round lumps in the back of your throat; they are types of lymph nodes). You may also see white patches on them or elsewhere in your throat. , sometimes with in the gut or. You might also see a red, sandpaper-like on your neck, underarm, or groin, shortly after symptoms begin. This could be a sign of. You should call your doctor if you or a child in your care show any symptoms of strep or you see this.

ItБs easy to confuse it with other conditions, so it helps to know what itБs not: ItБs not a virus -- viruses canБt be cured with. It usually doesnБt come with a, a, or red. These are usually signs of a virus or. ItБs not life-threatening. But if you leave it untreated, strep throat can lead to more serious complications in some cases. The bacteria that cause strep are highly contagious. You can spread it by close contact -- including sneezes and handshakes -- or sharing someone elseБs personal items. Be sure to often and be cautious about touching objects when someone in your house has strep.

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why does it hurt to swallow with sore throat
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