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why does chrome use so much cpu

Unfortunately, it has become very common to find malicious Chrome extensions, poorly designed extensions, or extension monetization that causes Google Chrome to use up too much CPU or memory on a computer. This can cause the Chrome and the Windows to become slow, freeze, or crash. When this occurs, if you look in the Windows Task Manager you will see that chrome is using a lot of CPU or memory as shown below. Thankfully, Google has included in Chrome a utility called the Chrome Task Manager that allows you to see how much memory and CPU a particular Chrome process, extension, and web page is using.

This can then be used to find problematic extensions or web pages that should be uninstalled or avoided. To open the Google Task Manager, first click on the
Settings ), then select More Tools, and finally click on Task Manager as shown below. When the Task Manager opens it will display a list of all open Tabs, extensions, and processes currently being used by Chrome. For each entry there will be information such as the amount of CPU being used, the amount of memory being used, its process ID, and the current network activity. For example, in the image above we see an extension called SafeBrowse that is using 59MB of memory and 48. 4% of the computer s CPU. The memory is not so horrible, but to use half of of a computer s CPU power is going to cause a dramatic slowdown in Windows.

It so happens, that this contains a. As we do not want an extension installed that uses so much of the computer s available CPU power, the extension should be As you can see the Chrome Task Manager is a useful utility for determining what extensions or web pages are causing issues so that they can be avoided in the future. It's not uncommon for Web browsers to consume a moderate to substantial percentage of your computer's resources, particularly if you're running Flash or Java in one or more tabs.

If you notice a CPU spike when you browse certain pages, the pages may contain bugged code, or, in the case of websites like YouTube or Netflix, use extensions that are resource-intensive. If Google Chrome consistently exhibits high CPU usage regardless of your browsing activity, however, and the browser is up-to-date, you may need to disable certain plug-ins or extensions, or reset the application to its default settings.

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