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why does it hurt to get kicked in the testicles

More than any other bodily injury, getting hit in the testicles is probably what every man dreads most. Of all the soft, fleshy spots on the human body, none register the same kind of incapacitating, end-of-the-world pain as the family jewels. What causes such inconceivable pain? Well, for starters, a shot to the balls is just like any other physical strike to the body: because of nerves, itвs gonna hurt. Unlike most other parts of your body, though, your scrotum lacks protection in the form of bones, large muscle mass, and fat. The testes are just wee little glands, and theyвre going to absorb the whole force of the blow all on their own. Another thing that makes a ball shot so painful is the same thing that makes almost every other sensation down there so much fun. Your groin has a ridiculously high number of sensory nerve endings, and such generous innervation makes good and bad touches alike
very noticeable sensations.

And the pain doesnвt just stay down there in the scrotum. It insists on radiating throughout the groin and up into the abdomen (and, psychically, out to every other dude standing within a few feet), leading to a weird stomach ache. This is the work of a phenomenon known as referred pain, which is when a sensation originating at one spot travels along a nerve root to other parts of the body and is perceived as happening there, too. Itвs the same thing thatвs going when you get an. In this case, the pain starts in your balls and travels up the perineal and pudendal nerves and the spermatic plexus, which cover real estate in the groin and abdomen, around the spine and even a little ways down into the anus, to make it feel like death has come for most of your lower body. Location, Location, Location Why is such a sensitive and delicate body part just hanging there in the open? The placement of the testicles is inconvenient, but absolutely necessary.

The testesв job is to produce sperm, and sperm are very fragile. Theyвre extremely sensitive to high and low temperatures, and must be kept away from the rest of the body and relatively exposed to maintain the right climate. They can handle human body temps for only one to four hours, or the average amount of time it takes them to travel through the female reproductive tract and fertilize an egg. Internal testes or any type of significant shielding for them would heat them up too much, too early and make them drop out of the race well before reaching the egg, rendering them useless. The scrotum isnвt just a dumb sack swaying in the breeze, though. In deference to our genetic interests, our bodies subconsciously thermoregulate our balls by flexing the cremasteric muscle and drawing the scrotum up closer to the body when it gets too cold and dropping it when itвs hot.

This optimized, on-the-fly sperm storage is precise enough that each testicle can be repositioned independent of its twin in order to get the temperature just right, explaining their sometimes asymmetrical dangle. why getting kicked in the balls hurts in the abdomen, not just the region that was actually impacted. Testes originally form in the abdomen near the stomach and kidneys. б Theб nerves and blood vessels remain attached in that region, even after the balls drop. So when a guy gets kicked in the balls or otherwise has his nuts squished, the pain involved travels up from each testicle into the abdominal cavity, via the spermatic plexus, which is the primary nerve of each testicle, and then to the spine. In addition to the pain in the stomach area, many men also experience severe nausea. б This is thought to be caused by a huge rush of sympathetic nervous system discharge. б So the bodyБs tolerance level for that rush determines whether that person will be someone susceptible to actually vomiting when kicked in the nuts.

So bottom line, getting kicked in the balls = severe pain in testicles + severe abdominal pain + quite a bit of nausea and possible vomiting. Good times. The testes of the Right whale are the largest of any animal, each weighing around 500 kg (1,100 lb). Getting kicked or hit in the balls can actual damage a manБs reproductive abilities. б Further, if the force is severe enough, possibly requiring removal the testicle(s) itself. б This, in turn, can cause other significant medical problems, especially if both need removed. In many places of the world, it is actually considered sexual assault to kick a man in the testicles intentionally in non-self defense situations, due to the above potential medical problems that can result in such an act.

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