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why was hades banished to the underworld

Hades is a Greek god and the Ruler of the Underworld. He is brother to
and. He also appears in 2010 remake as the main antagonist. A long time ago, before mortals existed, the Titans ruled the world. However, King of the Titans, was warned of a prophecy where one of his six children would kill him and take control of the world from him. In response, Kronos began swallowing his children in hopes of preventing the prophecy from coming true. Hades was the first of his sibling to be devoured by his evil father and his brother soon followed. However, Hades's mother, Rhea, saved the final child by tricking Kronos into swallowing a stone wrapped in a blanket while an eagle carried the real Zeus to safety. Poseidon and Hades grew up insde of their father's stomach while Zeus hid from Kronos. Years later, Hades was freed by Zeus when he gave Kronos a potion which made him vomit Hades and his siblings as well as the stone substituted for Zeus. After being freed, Hades went to the with Zeus and Poseidon and freed the cyclopes, who gave Hades the helmet of invisibility as a gift. Later, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades declared a ten year war on the Titans called the Titanomachy. During the Titanomachy, Hades, created a giant monster called the to help them against the Titans. Finally, after ten years of war, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades finally defeated Kronos and banished their father and the Titans to Tartarus where they hoped they would remain imprisoned forever. Hades became God of the Underworld, Poseidon became God of the Seas, and Zeus became King of the Gods and God of the Sky. Zeus, as his frst act as ruler of the world, created mortals to populate the world. As years passed, Hades began planning to kill Zeus and usurp control of the world from him. Many years later, Hades sent his to an island where soldiers from destroyed a statue of Zeus and obliterated them and a passing fisher boat, killing everyone on board except, who survived and washed up on the island where the soldiers took hm to Argos.

Prior to this moment, Hades somehow knew that Perseus was the demigod son of Zeus. Later, Hades traveled to Argos where Perseus was present with, the king of Argos, and his daughter,. Hades threatned the mortals that he will unleash the Kraken on Argos unless Andromeda is sacrificed to it. With that being said, Hades used his powers to age queen to death and revealed to Kepheus that Perseus is the son of Zeus before returning to the Underworld. Later, Hades came into contact with, the ex-king of Argos, who was turned into the monster as punishment for defying Zeus. Hades offered Calibos a chance to serve him and he accepted. Because Hades saw Perseus, who was searching for the with the Praetorian Guard in hopes of finding a way to kill the Kraken, as a threat to his plans, he ordered Calibos to hunt down and kill Perseus to prevent him from interfering with his plan to overthrow Zeus. Calibos attacked Perseus in the forest and killed several soldiers, but severed his hand, forcing Calibos to escape. Calibos attacked Perseus a second time after Perseus decapitated and killed, but Perseus stabbed him through the heart and reverted him into his original mortal form before Acrisius fell to his doom. After Calibos's death, Hades traveled to Olympus where he revealed his intentions to overthrow Zeus and take the throne from him. Hades teleported before Zeus could strike him and the Kraken was released. Hades then sent his Harpies to steal Medusa's head from Perseus to prevent him from defeating the Kraken, but Perseus retrieved it and flew on to Argos to confront the Kraken. Just as Andromeda was about to be sacrificed, Perseus used Medusa's head to turn the Kraken to stone. Infuriated at Perseus, Hades confronted the hero himself vowing he would never defeat him. Perseus defied Hades and called upon Zeus to aid him just as he raised his godly sword. Zeus threw a lightning bolt from affar and merged it with Perseus's sword. Before Hades could strike Perseus down, the heroic demigod quickly threw his sword at Hades merged with Zeus's lightning bolt and struck him in the chest, and Hades was blasted down into the Underworld, his evil plans had ultimately failed.

Hades survived and Perseus and Zeus both knew that Hades would eventually return to claim Olympus from his brother and exact revenge. In Greek mythology Hades reigned over the dead as the ruler of the Underworld. Though one of the major Olympian gods, he is somewhat separated from the rest of the gods and goddesses because of his unique position. Rather than reside on with and others, Hades is forced to hold over the Underworld - the land of the dead where those who have passed away become his subjects. Throughout Greek mythology Hades been firmly planted in the role of death, this wasn't necessarily always the case. In fact, with a little better luck he could have had a pretty sweet gig ruling over the sky, sea, or land. After overtaking the previously ruling Titans, Hades and his brothers and decided to divide control of the cosmos into three parts - the sky and Heavens, the sea, and the Underworld. All three, along with would share dominion over the land and those who lived upon it. To make things fair, the brothers drew lots to see who would command which. Best pick got the Heavens, second got the sea, and the worst draw (which nobody really wanted) was the Underworld. Zeus got the Heavens, Poseidon the sea, and Hades literally got to live in a hellhole. Comparing the Underworld (which is often also called "Hades") to the modern vision of Hell is not totally accurate. For most major modern religions, the concept of Hell is a (usually fiery) land of fear and agony where the wicked go to spend the rest of eternity paying for their earthly sins. In Greek mythology Hades (the Underworld, not the god) was a place where human souls would go often regardless of what they had done in their corporeal lifetimes. The only real alternative was being made an immortal by the gods, where one would get to live in Zeus's realm as lesser than the gods but higher than living humans.

Being given immortality was incredibly rare and only the great heroes of Greek mythology could even sniff at this possibility. Nobody could count on it happening as a guarantee. That said, the Underworld wasn't exactly the "place to be". The other gods greatly preferred living on any of the other planes of the cosmos leaving Hades on his own for the most part. All alone and unable to find a mate among the goddesses, he petitioned his brother Zeus to give him a bride to live in the Underworld with him. Zeus knew that none of the goddesses would want to live in the Underworld so he devised a plan to kidnap his own daughter, and force her to become Queen of the Underworld. The news of her daughter's forced marriage did not please, who threatened to ruin all the crops of the earth if her daughter was not returned. This left Zeus with a difficult decision. He could not deny his brother of a wife but at the same time he could not let all of humanity starve to death, so he came up with a compromise. Every year in the Spring season Persephone was allowed to leave the Underworld and return to the earth where she would herald the end of Winter and the growth of new plants. When Winter began again Persephone would return to the Underworld, causing plant life to die off until her return. One of the lesser known aspects among the myths of Hades was that the god of death was also considered a god of riches. In Greek mythology Hades ruled over the buried wealth of the earth, including gold, silver, and other minerals as well as the rich, fertile soil that helped grow great harvests. It was said that this King of the afterlife was exceptionally concerned with the loyalty of his subjects, most of whom were the dead who lived with him in the Underworld. He employed to guard the gates in and out of his realm to ensure the living could not enter and the dead could not leave.

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