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why does god allow natural disasters to happen

Why does God allow natural disasters? If God is truly in control, He must be able to control weather events and natural disasters. The question then becomes if God is truly good, how could He allow so many people to die as the result of something under His control? We will never know all of the reasons behind a particular natural disaster, but the Bible does offer insight. First, natural disasters are "natural" in the sense that they are the result of the natural laws of our world. The God who created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) designed the laws of nature, and those laws periodically lead to earthquakes, hurricanes, or tsunamis. But can't God prevent natural disasters from taking place at certain times and locations? Of course He can and likely does at times. James 5:17-18 teaches, "Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth. Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit. " How many storms and natural disasters have been
averted due to the prayers of godly people? Only God knows. The Bible also reveals that Jesus holds all of nature together (Colossians 1:16-17). Jesus exercised His power over the forces of nature during His time on earth. In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus calmed a storm upon the sea. The disciples' response was, "Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him? " Nature recognizes its Maker. So, if God can prevent natural disasters, why doesn't He?

There may be a variety of reasons. In some cases, God may use the forces of nature to focus our attention on Him and the greatness of His power (Mark 4:35-41). Historically, God has used certain natural disasters as a judgment on sin (Numbers 16:30-34). Still other natural disasters may occur because God plans to use the event to bring about a greater good (Romans 8:28). One word of caution regarding our human evaluation of natural disasters: we must not claim to know for certain why a particular natural disaster has taken place. To speak of a specific earthquake or tsunami as a judgment from God on a particular sin is pure speculation. Christians are called to help those who suffer in difficult situations, using the opportunity to show Christ's love (Matthew 25:37-40). Natural disasters are a tragic part of life on earth, but we cannot understand the "why" of their occurrence. When we do not have the answers, we depend on the power of our heavenly Father, knowing "that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28). Related Truth: David Pawson occupies a key position among British Christian writers. His best known work, Unlocking the Bible, continues to be a worldwide bestseller in print, audio and video formats. Unlocking the Bible and other works such as The Normal Christian Birth have been called Pawson s legacy to the church. Pawson is known for accepting biblical text as the authoritative word of God while explaining its meaning and context in a practical and understandable language.

Because he follows the teaching of Scripture where it clashes with church tradition, his books are often controversial. Today David speaks around the world and is received on God TV by millions of viewers in almost every country. Born in 1930, David, determined to become a farmer, began his career with a B. Sc. in agriculture at Durham University in England. He was surprised when God intervened and led him to become a Christian minister. Studying for an advanced degree in theology at Cambridge University, under the influence of liberal educators, Pawson lost his trust in the Bible and very nearly his faith in God. After a short spell in ministry for the Methodist church, he regained his trust in the infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible while a chaplain in the Royal Air Force of Great Britain. During this period he decided to preach the Bible systematically from start to finish. The results among the servicemen surprised both him and them, and confirmed to him Scripture s inspiration. Since then, his preaching has either been Bible study or topical studies based on a detailed, contextual examination of what the Bible says. As pastor of Guildford Baptist Church (the Millmead Centre), Pawson established a reputation among both evangelicals and charismatics as an effective and balanced expositor of the Bible. Under Pawson s ministry, Millmead became the largest Baptist church in Britain.

The church was unusual in that attendance was double the membership number; people regularly came from London to hear Pawson preach. Cliff Richard, who had been baptized by Pawson, was a regular attendee. From here his teaching tapes - originally made for the church s sick and elderly members - became popular worldwide. Behind the communist Iron Curtain these tapes struck a chord with the persecuted church. Missionaries and spiritual leaders in far-off corners of the world, without the opportunity to sit under a regular teaching ministry, became a significant audience for Pawson s preaching. In the last forty years literally millions of David s messages on cassette tape (CD, DVD and MP3 today) have been distributed around the world. Pawson left Millmead in 1979 and engaged in an itinerant worldwide Bible teaching ministry, which has been his main work to the present. During this time he has written a number of books. He is a frequent speaker in the UK and throughout Europe; his speaking engagements have taken him to many parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, Israel, Southeast Asia and the United States. David Pawson lives near Basingstoke, Hampshire in southern England with his wife Enid. In his 70s he remains busy with speaking engagements in Europe, the US and at the Festival of Tabernacles in Israel, which he was a pioneer in encouraging Christians to attend.

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