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why does charlie sheen wear bowling shirts

have remained a favorite in casual Menswear for over 50 years. are as popular today as they have always been. Gaining a new appeal and new generation of fans from the numerous TV shows that now feature these great styles. Originally,back in the day,with big and bold embroidery across the back in support of the favorite team, or perhaps your own family team or group of friends.

Company promotions and team events. These relaxed style shirts are timeless, fun and great to wear just about any time. Open splayed collars, button down front, side vent and square cut. Relaxed very comfortable
casual shirts. Inspired by the БTwo and a Half MenБ show, series 1 - 8, you could not help but notice the cool shirts worn by Charlie Sheen for the character of Charlie Harper, the jingle writer with a taste for the Ladies, the contrast panel style shirts that look like they are right out of a retro clothing fashion catalogue.

Charlie Harper is a very free spirited style and one thats always in tune with the California roots and his Malibu beach home.

Whether its with a pair of pants or khaki shorts, these relaxed camp or lounge style shirts scream cool and comfortable, two things any guy wants to have in his wardrobe. Every guy should have at least ONE in his wardrobe

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