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why does charles krauthammer use a wheelchair

Where Can You Find a Profile of Charles Krauthammer? Charles Krauthammer's employer as of 2015, Fox News Channel, provides a profile of Krauthammer on its website. Krauthammer provides political commentary an. How Did Charles Krauthammer Injure His Spinal Cord? During Charles Krauthammer's first year of school at Harvard, while he was skipping class to play tennis with his friend, he dove into a pool after the gam. Is Charles Krauthammer a Paraplegic? Charles Krauthammer is a quadriplegic. He suffered a cervical spinal cord injury in a diving accident during his first year of medical school at Harvard. How Did Charles Krauthammer's Paralysis Affect His Research?

Charles Krauthammer's paralysis affected his research because he required modifications and rehabilitation in order to finish medical school, but he comple.
You may not know by looking at his frequent appearancesб as a talking head on Fox News, but syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer has been paralyzed since he was 22 years old. The physician-turned-commentator to Fox News's Bret Baier in 2013 to discuss how one fateful day changed the rest of his life. Near the end of his first year at Harvard Medical School, Krauthammer decided to cut classes to play tennis and go for a swim. The class he skipped was a lesson on the spinal cord.

We go for a swim. We take a few dives, and I hit my head on the bottom of the pool. The amazing thing is there was not even a cut on my head. It just hit at precisely the angle where all the force was transmitted to one spot, and that is the cervical vertebrae which severed the spinal cord. Krauthammer said that asб soon as it happened and he hit the bottom of the pool, he knew heб was paralyzed: I knew exactly what happened, I knew why I wasn't able to move, and I knew what that meant: I wasn't getting out. Here's the last photo taken of Krauthammerб standing, taken in Bermuda: Unable to move his arms or legs, Krauthammer would for 14 months.

Krauthammer is one of millions of Americans dealing with the challenges of paralysis, A study to be released on Tuesday by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation reports that far more Americans than previously estimated are paralyzed to some degree: 5. 6 million people, representing 1. 9 percent of the population, or roughly 1 in 50 Americans. The leading cause is stroke, followed by spinal cord injuries. Despite the huge hurdle in front of him, Krauthammer would continue to pursue his medical degree while in the hospital and go on to finish in 1975,б for the Carter administration three years later.

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