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why does it feel like something is in my ear

Ruptured tympanic membrane (eardrum) can be a result of foreign bodies, middle, or pressure trauma to the ear. Often the patient feels pain, notices a thin bloody discharge from the ear, and has a decreased sense of hearing. If a person experiences these symptoms and thinks the eardrum may be ruptured or damaged, keep the ear dry, and seek medical care. Do not place cotton swabs, liquids, or other objects in ear. Acute otitis externa (swimmer s ear) is an infection of the canal that is usually caused by irritation of the canal skin that is made worse by water remaining in the ear canal after or bathing. ( ) causes the ear canal to turn red and swell. The ear becomes very painful and a thin yellow fluid (infected pus) comes out of the canal.

Some patients experience pain with mouth opening and chewing because of inflammation in the ear canal. The infection can spread to the side of the face or the lymph glands in the neck. Treatment of swimmer s ear includes antibiotic drops and, in severe cases, IV or oral antibiotics. Ear wax impaction is usually a harmless cause of decreased hearing. Wax is formed in the ear canals naturally. Individuals who over-aggressively clean their ears with cotton swabs can push wax further into the canal, impacting (compressing) it against the ear drum. Over-the-counter (OTC) products, like carbamide peroxide (, Murine Earwax Drops) can be used to clean the ear regularly.

If the wax impaction is causing pain, decreased hearing or, a doctor can irrigate (flush) the wax out of the ear gently with warm water and peroxide. If a person has chronic problems with ear wax buildup, discuss long-term solutions with an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist (an otolaryngologist).
I suffered from a clogged ear after getting off a flight. Immediately after landing I got a sinus infection and my ear stayed clogged for a month. It was driving me insane. I wasn t attending social gatherings or going out because I couldn t hear or focus and I felt so off. After seeing an ENT, I was put on some very strong antibiotics for my sinus infection, steroids for possible eustachian tube swelling and steroid nasal spray.

The sinus infection went away right away, but my ear stayed plugged. The ENT said that my ear could stay this was for 1-2 months. I was not going to put up with that!!! I was willing to do anything. I read up on some options. 4 weeks into my condition I had a lymphatic massage of my head, neck, ears, shoulders and chest. This type of massage encourages drainage. During the massage I could hear my ear popping and clicking. Before I even got up off the massage table, I could feel liquid moving in my ear, but my ear and hearing were still blocked. Later that day I went to an acupuncturist.

He asked me a lot of questions about my overall health. He inserted needles in areas that were meant to help ears and sinuses and other general health issues. When I left the office, I was feeling more movement in my ear. Once I got home I could feel even more drainage. My nose started running a lot. I blew my nose and could feel my ear opening up. It would squeal and release air. It still felt blocked but it was getting better. By the end of this evening my ear is 80% clear. I realized my other ear had blockage too. It just was so much better than the left ear it seemed fine. I am hoping by tomorrow my hearing is back to 100% and all drainage is complete.

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