why does it feel like god has abandoned me

A couple of years ago, I was extremely ill. I suffered with a complex disease for nearly four years, and over the course of its duration I often questioned my faith. Before that, I had spent the entirety of my life as a faithful and devoted Christian. I had a great relationship with God and He had blessed me greatly. So when I got sick, it didnБt make any sense to me. Why would a loving God make me suffer? I could no longer run, the one thing I loved most and was incredibly talented at. I couldnБt attend school full-time, so I rarely saw my friends. I couldnБt work or do any activities all I could do was watch movies and nap. I was always sick and I was always miserable. My mental health declined as my physical health did. I was withering away and I felt as though IБd lost my whole life.

And I blamed God. I yelled at Him and I stopped trusting Him. I know IБm not alone in this. Maybe youБve gone through a divorce, had an especially bad breakup, suffered the loss of a friend or child or family member, watchedбyour parents divorce, got a cancer diagnosis, or any number of things. And if youБre a faith oriented person, thereБs a good chance you questioned what God had to do with this. Why would a loving God do this to you, your brother, your child? Is He mad at you, is He punishing you? The answer is no. God chose you to do this to you, yes, but for the right reasons God knows youБre strong enough to handle it. God tells us in 1 Peter: БYou may have to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.

These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire- may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. Б
Anything we suffer in this world is worth it when we return to GodБs Kingdom. When things get tough, itБs easy to give up on God, to stop praying and to blame Him for everything thatБs going wrong. But, when things get tough, thatБs when we need God most. ThatБs when we have to work as hard as possible to stick by him, to maintain our faith and trust GodБs reasons. One of the most comforting things while I was sick was hearing GodБs comforting voice through His Word, the Bible, and talking to Him in prayer when I was frustrated or upset or feeling hopeless.

ItБs an incredibly hard process to fully trust God, especially in the midst of crisis. Take it step by step, day by day, and remember that God is always looking out for you, and He loves you. Give Him a chance, say a prayer, and I promise youБll feel better. Difficulties and trials are a part of every traveler's journey in life. Sometimes they make us and other times they break us and piece us together into something different. Either way, we come out of these difficulties a different person than we were when we went in. That is the nature of trials. Some may turn to God in their difficulties, but what happens when we feel that God has abandoned us and forced us to face the darkness alone?

Here are seven things to remember when you feel like God has abandoned you. God is your father, and He loves you with a love that is perfect and unending. You can trust in that. Because you are His child, He cares for you, watches over you, protects you and even mourns with you. We are put here in families with parents so we can understand the bond between parent and child. That love is only a fraction of the love your Heavenly Father feels for you. In the scriptures we are told that charity never faileth. Charity is pure love, and God's love will never fail you. Learn to love Him too so you can more fully feel His love around you. Lead image from Family Share.

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