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why do the pads of my feet hurt

WeБve all been there: after a night on the dance floor in those cute (but killer) heels, your feet are aching all over. Shoes are probably the most common source of foot pain for young women, agrees, DPM and expert with the. БWhen a person comes to my office, I do an interview and it always goes like this: БHave you had an injury? Is there a new exercise activity? Is there a change in your body weight? Did something fall on your foot? Б I try to probe them to see if thereБs any kind of trauma.

If the answers are Бno,Б then itБs almost always because of the shoe. Б
But footwear is far from the only reason, she adds. Sometimes, your feet are killing you long after that dance party Б and thatБs where the real trouble is. Thankfully, your body is always ready to fire out warning signs and where your feet hurt can be very telling of what might be going on. Ahead, weБll outline some of the most common reasons.

I have this same problem. This is actually the second time I have had it and I believe the outcome is goign to be the same with this second one. the first time 8 years ago, my foot swelled and felt like I was walking on a stuffed sock and the pain was pretty darn good. It came and got really bad and then it started getting better, but my second and third toes started changing their shape. one culled up and looks like hammer toe and the other one got wider and they spread apart. the pain would come and go and the bump or knot would get big and then shrink but one day after a couple of years with it like that it kind of popped!

I was walking barefoot and I stepped on a rock and felt an extremely painful pop feeling is all I can call it. That was 8 years ago and now my right foot is doing the same thing and it is very painful. and my second and third toes are slightly spreading apart just like before. I would really like to find the answer to this question.

I walk on the sides of my feet it hurts so bad and that is hurting everything else up my ankles and legs and knees. My left foot still hurts. I was told it was hammer toe but why does it still hurt 8 years later. However, it does not swell anymore. If someone knows please post the answer. It is nice to know others have the exact same thing. I was thinking arthritis??? Just a question. Does excessive sweating also bother any of you??

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why do the bottom of my feet ache
why do the bottoms of my feet hurt so much
why do the bottoms of my feet hurt