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why do zebras have stripes for kids

A new study answers a question people have long asked themselves about the animal kingdom: Why do zebras have stripes? If you want to try guessing the answer, stop reading now. Have you guessed? OK, start reading again. According to a new study, a zebraБs stripes most likely help to keep annoying, biting flies off them. Scientists have thought that might be the reason. However, they also had other theories: that the stripes provide camouflage to help them hide from enemies; to confuse their enemies; to help them stay cool; or for a social reason such as to attract a mate. About two years ago, scientists tested the Бbiting fliesБ theory using horse models covered in a sticky substance. Horseflies tended not to land on the fake horses that had stripes painted on them. The researchers felt that the stripesбconfused the fliesБ Бnavigational systemББthe fliesБ ability to steer and land. In order to be more certain, and to answer the question of why all horse-type animalsбdonБt have stripes, a team of researchers at the University of California looked at a lot of information (data) on zebras from many sources.

They also studied information about similar types of animals including horses, to see where the stripes were and what the stripes looked like. They mapped where zebras live. Then they looked at information about where biting flies and zebra-enemies (like hyenas) live. They discovered that zebras tend to live in the same areas where biting flies are present, which supported their theory. Now that the researchers are pretty certain the stripes help zebras discourage flies, they want to do more research with that theory in mind. They will observe how biting flies act around striped and non-striped animals. The research will be published in the April edition of the journal Nature Communications. Think of an animal that you think is interesting. Choose one feature about that animal and make a theory about why having that feature would be advantageous?

Do some animals have features that are disadvantageous? Which ones? In today s article, the author interuppted the story to give readers a chance to make a prediction before they read -on. What does this tell you about the readers style and the tone of the article? What other ways to writers communicate style and tone? Identify some elements of style, includ- ing voice, word choice, and different types of sentences, and explain how they help readers understand textsб
(OME, Reading: 2. 4). Identify various elements of style Б including word choice and the use of similes, personification, comparative adjectives, and sentences of different types, lengths, and structures Б and explain how they help communicate meaningб (OME, Reading: 2. 4). Intermediate identify various elements of style Б including foreshadowing, metaphor, and symbolism Б and explain howб б (OME, Reading: 2. 4).

Grammar Feature:б The author of today s story uses italics, which is a type of font that appears slanted, to step outside the story. When the author has finished making a side point, the fontб changes back to normal. Where else have you seen different styles used to communicate with the reader? Is using certainб fonts, styles and sizes an effective way to communicate with your reader? Why do you think so? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ZEBRA? Their stripes, right? So now tell me if zebras are white with black stripes or black with white stripes? It was previously believed that zebras were white animals with black stripes. In reality they are black with white stripes and white underbellies. But why do they even have these stripes? Only to look fancy or are these stripes any useful? These stripes are very useful for a zebra in many ways. Let s explore. The striping of the zebra helps it camouflage in the dry grass of the jungle.

Though the grass is neither white or black but mostly predators are color blind and see grass as grey from a distance. The white and black together looks like grey from a distance. Zebras are herd animals. Sometimes when they are together in a large group their stripes blend so well together that from a distance predator feels that it s some big animal and they don t attack. Why don t you try to draw this giant imaginary striped animal that predators are scared of. Stripes for zebras are like fingerprints for humans. They re unique for each zebra. There is a possibility that the zebras recognise each other by their stripes. Imagine how zebras would fight about their looks Sulk sulk! I like his stripes better than mine. Scientists have done experiments to prove that these black and white patterns are great repellers for all kinds of flies. What a relief that must be!! Now some funtime Guess what is black, white and red in colour? A zebra with a sunburn! ha ha!

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