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why does carpal tunnel only hurt at night

БWhy are my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, so much worse at night during sleep? Б
Derby, England, United Kingdom During sleep when we are at rest, is when the body ideally restores itself, repairs injured tissue and gets itself ready for another day of work and activity. However, when a person suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) goes to sleep, the blood circulation to the hand is restricted by the inflexible injured tissue (pinching) and lymphatic swelling that squeezes blood vessels. The restricted blood flow blocks or slows down the bodyБs natural restoration process. People often mistakenly think they are causing the restricted circulation by lying on their arms or hands in an awkward way. The numb tingling sensation is primarily caused by pressure on the nerve, but reduced circulation can also contribute to these sensations when people have CTS. During REM sleep the body goes into a state of semi-paralysis. Many people are not aware that during REM sleep the body goes into a state of semi-paralysis. This state of semi-paralysis prevents a person from moving, so we donБt act out our dreams. However, with no muscle movement, the lymphatic system does not disperse lymphatic fluid like it normally does during the day. The Lymph System does not have a pump. The heart is the pump for the circulatory system. The only pump for the Lymph system is the movement of muscle. So, swelling from the injured tissue builds up around the Carpal Tunnel and puts more pressure on the Median Nerve when there is less muscle movement. During REM sleep, there is no muscle movement. So, often CTS symptoms are at their worst during this deep restorative REM sleep. б б CTS often interrupts REM sleep causing a lot of other complications. The Lymphatic pressure builds up on the Median Nerve and on blood vessels during REM Sleep, further limiting blood circulation to the hand and wrist.

Since the blood flow is restricted, it cannot aid in dispersing lymphatic fluid. So, even more pressure builds up in this narrow section of anatomy, pinching the Median Nerve even more and restricting blood circulation further. It is a cyclical condition that can be persistent and difficult to treat because it keeps coming back. In summary there are multiple effects at night that make CTS worse. These include: Lower blood circulation due to restful sleep. No muscle movement during REM sleep to disperse the swelling in the lymph system. Restricted blood circulation due to increasing pressure on blood vessels in the area. Injured soft tissue which has lost it flexibility and creates a pinching action on the nerve and on blood vessels. All these factors reinforce one another, creating a perfect storm of pressure on the Median Nerve and Carpal Tunnel discomfort. б б This is why Carpal Tunnel Symptoms are worse at night for many people. Your hands arenБt falling asleep due to lying on them in an awkward way. Contrary to what people think at first blush, the tingling fingers and the numb hands are not caused by laying on your hands in an awkward way. б б If this happens once a month or once a quarter, then it could be just that, you might be lying on your arm in an awkward way cutting off blood circulation making your hands feel like they are asleep. However, if your hands are numb or your fingers are tingling regularly and wake you up often, then it is not likely from lying on your arms at night. This is a classic sign of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it should be treated with a high sense of urgency. So, that is why Carpal Tunnel Symptoms are so much worse at night. б б We hope this information helps you understand why your sleep is being interrupted and you are not getting the rest you need. б б You can get back to the Бold youБ and get the sleep you need by treating CTS proactively.

CTS is best treated in a way that restores the bodyБs natural healing process. б б This is achieved through consistent precise restorative stretching therapy applied for at least 6 to 8 hours at night during sleep. б б There is no other way to achieve the ideal stretching therapy needed. The Carpal Solution Therapy was developed by doctors to allow Carpal Tunnel sufferers to access this restorative stretching therapy conveniently and cost effectively. It is worn at night during sleep and treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the core. There is no reason to go on suffering with chronic sleep loss and fighting grogginess and irritability during the day. You can get back to a normal night of sleep within weeks with this Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment. You will wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Why Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Feel Worse at Night? By Sara Butler Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and are you seeing a chiropractor for it? If you are, you may be wondering why -- even though the treatments seem to be working great -- you are still experiencing worse symptoms at night. Well, there s a very good reason why most people who suffer from CTS seem to have their worst symptoms at night. CTS Symptoms at Night If you re losing sleep at night due to carpal tunnel pain or it s making it difficult to get to sleep, it probably has to do with the wrist. Part of why you have carpal tunnel has to do with how you re able to hold your wrist during everyday activities. Maybe you got it due to a repetitive injury, such as too much typing at your computer keyboard. Whatever the reason, it often rears its ugly head at night because it is very difficult to hold your wrist in an ideal position that won t irritate nerves, ligaments, muscles and tendons that are already painful and irritated.

When you sleep you have the tendency to curl your wrist in, either resting it under your chin or bending it back to rest under your head. Whatever position you prefer, chances are it s not the best position for your wrist. Pressure in Your Wrist At night, these positions increase the pressure inside of your wrist, and your CTS symptoms are aggravated. This is why your chiropractor may have spoken with you about wearing a wrist splint at night in order to keep your wrist in a neutral position that won t cause your symptoms to be worse as you re trying to get some restorative sleep. Other Things to Consider It s not just your wrist position at night that can be an issue, your posture during the day is also very important. How you sit at your computer and use the keyboard is obviously going to be very important since this may have been the source of your injury in the first place. You also have to watch how you type when you use touchscreen devices such as your smartphone or tablet. Surprisingly, in studies, typing on your device while lying down in bed was found to create a more natural elbow position than typing at a desk, and extended the wrists more. But in these same studies, it was found most people with CTS found typing at a desk with a wider keyboard to be the most tolerable in how it impacted their CTS symptoms. If you suffer from CTS and find that at nighttime it is much worse, talk to your chiropractor about it. They may have some very good suggestions about not only what you can do at night to be more comfortable, but what you can do during the day to set you up for feeling better at night.

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