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why does carbon dioxide put out a flame

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Put out that fire! In this exciting experiment, you will be able to use common household ingredients to setup a fun, educational experience. Witness a chemical reaction that occurs when heat, oxygen and fuel are present. (A word of caution: adult supervision is required for this experiment. ) Hereвs what you need: Do This Light the candles. Place baking soda in the liquid measuring cup. Quickly add the vinegar and stir to combine.

Place a hand on the top of the liquid measuring cup to keep CO2 gas from escaping. Once the reaction has stopped, carefully pour the invisible CO2 collected in the measuring cup over the flames to extinguish them. BE CAREFUL NOT TO POUR OUT THE LIQUID IN THE BOTTOM OF THE CUP. Why did that happen? Combustion is a chemical reaction that occurs when heat, oxygen and a fuel are present. Remove any one of the three components and combustion canвt occur.

Combine vinegar and baking soda to create a chemical reaction. Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is formed during this chemical reaction. We can see the evidence of the CO2 in the bubbles. CO2 is a very heavy gas which accumulates in the measuring cup. Gases behave in much the same way as liquids do. Pouring the heavy CO2 gas over the flame pushes away the oxygen from around the candle causing the fire to go out due to lack of oxygen.

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