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why do the crystals in gneiss line up in bands

A little known fact is that the Misfits actually have no original members.   Most people think that Jerry only (bass and now lead vocals) is an original memb
er, but this is false.   When the Misfits first formed, a woman by the name of Dianne DiPiazza played bass. She left the band after a very short stint, and was soon replaced by Only. She is now an art director for mystifyinglyGLADdesign.   The Sweet - Andy Scott is the only member of the 'classic' line-up still playing under the 'Sweet' banner - although the band went through a phase of being known as 'Andy Scott's Sweet'.

However, he was NOT an original member of the band. He was bought in to replace Mick Stewart in 1970 who was himself a replacement for Frank Torpey. Original bass player Steve Priest has recently resurrected his musical career and tours the USA with his own version of the band under the name of 'Steve Priest's Sweet' What Type of Rock Is It?

What Does It Look Like? Serpentinite feels very slippery. It is more a broken rock than it is a layered rock. The "layers" are sort of flat plates of green rock. They may be thin or more than 2cm thick. Serpentinite is usually green to grayish-green. The flat plates may have long scratch like grooves in them. It may be dull or nearly glassy looking. When serpentine is dull it may be fine to coarse grained. When it is glassy it looks very smooth and has no visible grains.

What Minerals Make Up the Rock? Mostly antigorite, amesite, and lizardite. Sometimes: chrysotile (a type of asbestos), brucite, magnesite, chromite, magnetite and garnets. Talc is often found because serpentine alters to talc. How Was It Formed? When an ocean floor plate collides with a continental plate, giant slices of the oceanic crust are pushed up into the rocks of the continent. A rock, called peridotite, at the bottom of the oceanic plate is changed to serpentinite because there is less weight on it, the temperature is lower, and water circulates through it.

Serpentinite is usually found in mountains that were once at the edge of a continent. Another way serpentinite can form is from peridotites that crystallize deep in the earth's crust from magma. The peridotites are gradually uncovered by erosion, and as they get close to the surface, they alter to serpentinite. Compare To:,

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why do the crystals in gneiss line up in bands