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why does it always rain in the rainforest

From simple questions like "Where are tropical rain forests? " to complex ones like "What happens to plants, animals, and people as rain forests disappear? ", this book delivers the answers kids want. Q: Does it always rain in the rain forest? A: Yes.

You can count on some rain just about every afternoon in a tropical rain forest. In this colorful introduction to tropical rain forests, kids will learn all about the animals, plants, and people that live together in this complex ecosystem.

Readers will find out that the leaves of one rain forest tree can be 70 feet long, that hummingbirds fly like helicopters, and that the okapi has a 14-inch black tongue!
The term 'rainforest' does not mean a forest with significant rain.

While rainforests are often in wetter areas, this is by no means always the case. Cool temperate rainforests exist, along with tropical rainforests. The term refers to the fact that conditions are certainly more moist within a rainforest, due to the ecological balance of the soil, creeks and vegetation.

It is possible for some rainforests to receive rain daily; it is possible for some rainforests to receive rain weekly or even less, but certainly more often during the region's wet season.

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