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why do the corners of my mouth turn down

Do you hate your drooping mouth corners? They can make you look sad to grumpy and even angry. You can get them either from an inherited Pgenetic trait or from the process of aging. PLet s take a closer look at thePcauses. There are two ways to get them. 1. One way your mouth can droop is due toPthe contraction of the mandible muscle known as the depressor anguli oris (DAO) shown as the blue dots in the illustration below. This is a paired set of muscles that run adjacent to thePcorners of your lips. For example, when you frown, these muscles pull down bothPsides of the mouth. Try to make a down-turned frownPand you will feel those jaw muscles tensing up and causing the muscles to pull the corners of the mouth downward. If your drooping mouth is caused by the repetitive action of DAO, Pyou can use Botox to paralyze these muscles and reduce the drooping of the corners of your mouth. As a caution, if Botox is notPinjected properly, the possible negative side effects can include drooling, slurred speech, and difficulty drinking from a cup.

Unfortunately, there is no Botox antidote to undo paralyzed lips. You will have to wait for 3 monthsPfor the Botox to wear off. PIf it is done correctly, you will have repeated treatments every 3 months to maintain your look. Each session runs about $300. 2. Another cause of lip droopingPis related to aging. Take a look at the young skin and aging skin illustration below. As you age, your skinPloses elastin and collagen. Both are structures that support elements of the skin. PElastin keeps the skin tight and collagen gives skin its firmness. PBoth of these fibers are richPin young skin. Observe how perfectly aligned these fibers are. PAs you age, they start to deteriorate and look like a broken mesh. PAs a consequence, the skin lost its shape. PThis actionPcausesPthe skin to sag, forcing the corners of your mouth to droop. PP To restore the corners of your mouth, hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are commonly used to replace what you lost.

Some patients may use both Botox to relax the DAO and lip fillers to target lost collagen. The cost of lip fillers for drooping mouths may run about $500 per syringe. The effect may last 3 to 6 months. You mayPneed approximately 2 treatments a year. The possible negative side effects may include bumpsPand nodules developing in treated areas. If you opt to have a permanent procedure done to eliminate the drooping corners of your mouth, watch these two videos below. Both procedures make incisions at the corners of your mouth. In the first video, the surgical Smile Lipt procedure will cut into the muscles at the corners of your mouth. In the second video, only the top skin at the corners of your mouth is cut out. ThePpossible risks are scar formations, asymmetrical lips, or overlifting of the mouth cornersPwhich may give you a joker s look. The cost may run round $2,500 to $3500 per lipPlift procedure.

Facial exercise may reduce droopy mouth corners. Watch this video and learn a few quick steps on how to reduce your drooping mouth the natural way. If you would like to see what you might look like before you have your lip lift procedure done either by temporary methods such as lip injections or a permanent surgical procedure, you can use CandyLipz to see your instant lip lift results. CandyLipz uses suction methodPcoupled with its advanced lip-shaper technology to shape and contour your lips natural. CandyLipz won 15 technical design awards for its invention. It is designed to lift the corners of the mouth, raise the arches of the Cupid s bow, and shorten the philtrum (the distance under the base of the nose and the upper lip). PWith long-term use, some users have reported that their lips are naturally lifted. Here Is How CandyLipz Works and CandyLipz Before and After Results For Instagram CandyLipz Users: At anytime you like us to remove your feedback and/or images, please send an email to customercare@candylipz. com.

We deeply thank you for your support. If you like this article: please joinP Pby clicking on this link. You will be alerted when we post new articles. Thank you for reading CandyLipz Blog. Copyright 2015 P P The Pouty Lips You Always Wanted. Naturally. San Francisco 94127
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