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why does canada celebrate queen victoria day

Communications, Government of Canada; Canadian Heritage;. canada. pch. gc. ca. Retrieved
May 19,. ^ Parker, Alan (May 18, 2012), Maclean's, Rogers Communications, retrieved May 21, ^, The Globe and Mail, May 20, 2012, retrieved May 22, ^ Department of Canadian Heritage. Queen's Printer for Canada. Retrieved May 12,. (1984). Toronto Remembered. Toronto: Soddart Publishing. p. P105. P. Ontario and Upper Canada Genealogy and History. Retrieved May 13,. Bousfield, Arthur; Toffoli, Garry (1991). Toronto: Dundurn Press Ltd. p. P10. P. Retrieved September 14,. The Queen's role in promoting Canadian unity truly made her the "Mother of Confederation" and at her death Victoria Day, that uniquely Canadian holiday, was created as a memorial day. (December 12, 1988), Holidays Act, 4: Queen's Printer for Canada ( Elizabeth II (October 11, 1957), Queen's Printer for Canada, retrieved May 24,. London and Middlesex Historical Society. Retrieved May 13,. Francis, Daniel, ed. (2000) [1999]. Harbour Publishing. p. P562. P. Davidson, Terry (May 19, 2013).

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Retrieved May 12,. Tynan, Jack (May 14, 2003). North Star. Parry Sound: North Star Publishing. Retrieved May 13,. ^ Hauser, Michelle (May 21, 2013). The Whig. Retrieved May 22,. Cooks Info. Retrieved May 16,. Canadian Oxford Dictionary (2 ed. ). New York: Oxford University Press. 2005. P. [. CBC. July 26, 2004. Retrieved May 12,. Toronto Sun. May 22, 2010. Retrieved May 24,. ^. Time and Date AS. Retrieved May 17,. Finch, Robert (May 15, 2009), Hamilton Mountain News, retrieved May 24,. Access Winnipeg. Retrieved May 21,. Redmond, John (May 19, 2009). The Korea Times. Seoul: The Korea Times Co. Retrieved May 21,. Wilcox, Ted (May 16, 2008). The Hamilton Spectator. Retrieved April 20,. Photo by licensed For some, Victoria Day is a sign that summer is just around the corner. The holiday, which is only celebrated in Canada and Scotland, began as a celebration to honour Queen Victoria s birthday. The British queen was born on May 24, 1819. She is the longest reigning monarch (Queen) in England, remaining on her throne for 63 years, 216 days.

On September 9th, 2015, Queen Elizabeth II took the title of longest reigning monarch in British history. Victoria Day was declared a Canadian holiday by the government in 1845. At that time, it was celebrated with picnics, parades, sporting tournaments, fireworks, and cannon salutes. When Queen Victoria died in 1901, Canada s parliament officially named the holiday Victoria Day. And it was decided that the day would be celebrated on May 24th each year (or on May 25th if the 24th fell on a Sunday). In 1952, the government made the decision to begin celebrating Victoria Day on a Monday. It would be observed on May 24th if that worked out, otherwise it would be held on the Monday immediately before it. Today, Victoria Day is a holiday throughout all of Canada. And, in Quebec, a holiday called Journ e nationale des patriotes is celebrated on the same day. As far as today s celebrations, Victoria Day is marked in most cities with parades, outdoor events and activities like camping and elaborate firework displays. by licensed

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