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why does a woman play peter pan

When first posted a picture of herself as Peter Pan, she quickly got a lesson on how naive people were about the character s storied history. There were so many comments like, Weird how a woman is playing Peter Pan, recalled the
Girls actor, who is starring in NBC s live production of Peter Pan Live! Thursday night. It s just so funny because I ve been reading and learning a lot about the creation of Peter Pan and it s typically always been a woman. It s just so funny to me that that became a question. It s actually been one for many years. The reason a woman has typically played the boy who refuses to grow up dates back to when the play was first staged in England at the turn of the 20th Century.

Earlier this year, by citing a section in J. M. Barrie and the Lost Boys: The Real Story Behind Peter Pan. Apparently, it was Broadway producer Charles Frohman who suggested that a woman should play the role because casting a boy would affect the rest of the children in the ensemble, who would have to be scaled down in proportion. What s more, English law stated that minors under the age of 14 couldn t work after 9 p. m. As a result, a woman was first cast as Pan in 1904.

Since then, actresses like Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby have famously played the role. Williams and picked up a few tips. It feels very natural for me and it s a huge treat to be able to play a boy, Williams told PEOPLE. I mean, I think that s one of the great privileges for an actor to have, to be able to step into the movie persona and the mindset of a young boy. It s just incredibly special. I guess I don t know what I would say to people who are confused. There s a long of history of it. The beginning of it is very boring and has only to do with the labor laws of women at the time, there s nothing more complicated than that.

From there it s just tradition. Peter Pan Live! airs Thursday night from 8-11 p. m. ET on NBC. Initially, the interests of a producer, the logistics of casting, and even English law may have played a part. After that, it became tradition. In his 1979 book, J. M. Barrie and the Lost Boys: The Real Story Behind Peter Pan, English writer and director Andrew Birkin recounts the backstory for the first stage productions. Broadway producer Charles Frohman enthusiastically agreed to produce the play, and he made a couple of suggestions to the author.

First, that it be titled, simply, Peter Pan; Barrie s working title was The Great White Father, which is what Barrie has the Indians call Peter. (That phrase has uncertain origins but was. ) Second, Frohman asked that, in America, the starring role of Peter be played by his prot g, Maude Adams. Frohman reasoned that a man would be wrong for the part, and if they cast a boy, the other children would have to be scaled down in proportion. English law prohibited the use of minors under 14 on stage after 9 p. m. So a woman it was.

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