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why does cable internet slow down at night

I checked my RF levels during the day today, when I had full 100mbps speed, and again now that I'm getting around. 5mbps. The downstream levels haven't changed at all, the upstream power is maybe about half a dBmV higher now than it was during the day. There is one splitter between my cable modem and the pole, which splits the signal off for the TV's in the house. If I take that signal out and just connect the cables together straight, the downstream power goes up 3. 5dBmV, the upstream power drops 3. 5dBmV, and all my connection issues go away.

However I can't get TV that way, obviously. I did try two different splitters (one also provided by Comcast, and one new one), they both give me the same signal levels, and the same connection issues. For reference, my power levels are:
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