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why do the arches of my feet itch

I have had the same intense, deep itch in my right foot that occurs mostly in my right foot. But I also have had the same itch in my left foot as well as my right hand (bottom of my palm stretching into the bottom of my right thumb as others have describled). I have had these issues for about 6 yrs or so. It comes and goes and occurs at night for me. I have had an MRI done and there was no issues. My dr also prescribed itch cream which does not help as I believe it s on the inside not on the outside. I do not have dry skin, bumps nor red inflammed skin. It s just an excrutiating deep itch that you need to cause pain in order to get rid of the itch.

It s like it s an electric current causing the itch. What usually works for me is soaking in the hottest water you can stand with epsom salts. I have also rubbed my foot on anything sharp, rough or whatever I could. Nothing works and it is so mind boggling. I also check the reflexology charts that point to colon, pancreas, kidney,liver. I have ulcerative chron s so am not sure if it is related. I have had my gall bladder and liver checked as well as ultrasounds on my kidneys and bladder. All came up normal. I have had 3 pregnancies and I had gestational diabetes so I thought that may be the cause. I have kept a journal of the attack as I call it.

I write down what I ate that day, etc. I thought it might be related to the amt of sugar intake that day. I really haven t seem any similarities in diet and the time of attack. I am looking constantly for answers. I am so tired of having interupted sleep due to this uncontrollable itch. Could it have something to do with diabetic nerve issues, etc? If anyone has any other solutions how to ease the itch during the attack please let me know. For now, I will continue to soak in very hot water until it goes away. Oh and I also have put ice packs on my hand as well as my feet. It is almost like I need it to be the coldest or hottest to get rid of the itch or at least take your mind off the itch.
I agree with the suggestion to ice it.

Last September, I was plagued with a mysterious itching on my right forearm. It lasted until mid-December. no joke! My dermatologist suggested that it was some type of nerve-related issue. She told me that pain and itch both travel along the same nerve pathway, and that some people experience mis-fired pain signals that surface as an intense itching. I truly believe that this is what I had with my forearm itching, because we ruled out any other allergic-related cause. For me, ice was the ONLY thing that brought me instant relief. I literally had to keep 4 to 5 ice paks in my freezer at all times, because as soon as one got warm.

I needed to get another on my arm immediately. I had to sleep with icepaks on my arm all night long. I even had to keep icepaks in the freezer at work, so that I could rest my arm on an icepak while working at my desk. It was the only way I could sanely get through a day. Then, as suddenly as it came on, it disappeared in mid-December and I haven't been bothered by it since then. However, I've been told that it can be a seasonal condition that recurs. so I'll have to wait a few more months to see if it crops up again. But yes, ice will definitely kill the itch.

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