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why does britney spears look so different

Britney Spears looks like a whole new woman in a recent photoshoot. In fact, she looks so different that fans are questioning whether it's even really the pop princess at all. On March 20, 2018,
People magazine reported that the "Toxic" singer became the new face of French fashion brand Kenzo. In promotion of Kenzo's latest line, Spears starred in a series of ads for La Collection Memento No. 2, photographed by Peter Lindbergh. But, while we love Spears' transition from to bonafide model, some fans have questions в mainly, is that even Spears in the campaign? In regards to one ad in which Spears wears a cropped green sweatshirt and denim hat, pop music critic Joe Coscarelli, "Are weв sureв that this is Britney Spearsв? " are weв sureв that this is Britney Spearsв? в Joe Coscarelli (@joecoscarelli) Similarly, other fans slammed the ads, calling the brand out for allegedly using on Spears' photos. "Love @britneyspears but I don't recognize her!! " one user complained (via the Daily Mail ). "So much fotoshop!!! " Another user wrote, "So fake it's both disgusting and hilarious to watch. " Ouch.

Still, other fans have come to Spears' defense, praising the singer for her work on the ads. "One the best photo shoots she's ever done," one fan. Regardless of whether or not Spears' image was heavily edited, she looks pretty darn good, and her modeling gig will surely only serve to further boost Kenzo's brand в no matter their photoshopping techniques. After all, Spears was selected to model for Kenzo due to her "icon" status. As the brand's creative director Humberto Leon explained in a press release, "She is a legend in her field.

We will remember her for the rest of everyone's lives as an icon. " He went on, "She's up there with Michael and Madonna and everyone who we consider icons. Britney is up there. " Don't worry about the haters, Britney. Just keep on doing you. Pop goddessP Pis in the middle ofPan almighty comeback and for the first time ever she became a Loose Woman too! Looking more toned than ever, Britney Pjoined panelist Janet Street-Porter, Coleen Nolan, Ruth Langsford and Nadia SawalhaP to talk about her new music, what it s like being a mum and even fitted in a dance class with the gang. But it s not just Britney s incredible bod we re staring at what has happened to her face?! Looking back over 34-year-old Britney s snaps from the past, it does seem that the pop star has undergone a dramatic transformation.

From personal pics and pap shots to professional photo shoots, it s clear to see that Britney s face has evolved over time. Check out her changing face in the pics above! But this left us thinking is Britney the latest celeb to show signs of facial surgery, or has she just played victim to a helluva lot of sneaky make-up techniques? Cosmetic surgeon Dr Aamer Khan, of Harley Street Clinic, says our favourite pop princess is still au natural! The difference can definitely be put down to Photoshop and some fantastic make up like contouring and lip liner, he told us. Either way, we think Brit and her new look is fab. What do you think of her changing face has Britney had too much Photoshopping? Tell us your thoughts on our Now magazine Facebook page or on Twitter @celebsnow.

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