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why does inserting a tampon hurt so much

I remember the first time I put a tampon in, I didnt have anyone to tell me how to do it. I didnt put the tampon in right and it was really uncomfortable. Actually it took me a few tries before I figured out how to properly put in my tampon so it didnt hurt. It may hurt when you are trying to insert your tampon because you are really stressed out and tensing up your muscles down there, which creates resistance and makes it painful and difficult to insert a tampon. Another possible reason for pain and difficulty with putting in a tampon could be that your menstrual flow isnt heavy enough to make you wet enough to help the tampon slide in. Of course it is also possible that your hymen has a really small opening. It is okay to use some gentle pressure when putting in the tampon even if it tears your hymen a little.

It will be a little uncomfortable but you will be able to get tampons in fine after that. Watch the
and make sure you are wet enough. If you are still having difficulty getting past your hymen or it is hurting a lot as you apply pressure, it may mean and this is pretty rare that your hymen is blocking the whole opening to your vagina and you need see your healthcare provider. When used correctly, tampons shouldn t hurt or feel uncomfortable. If it s in right, you actually shouldn t feel anything at all. So, one of three things is most likely happening here: you re not relaxed enough down there, you re not putting the tampon in exactly right, or you re using the wrong kind of tampon. Using a tampon for the first time can be tricky.

Many girls have trouble with them in fact, some girls try for months or years before they can successfully use a tampon. So please don t feel like you re weird because you re having trouble! It s totally normal. If your tampon hurts going in or coming out, it could be because you re not relaxed down there. When your muscles down there are tense, the area becomes smaller, if you will, making it difficult to put things in there or take them out. Putting a tampon inside of you requires you to be calm and relaxed. Open your legs wide and squat slightly to get a tampon in or out with ease. If your tampon feels uncomfortable once it s in down there, it could be one of two things: either you re using the wrong size (this could also account for it hurting coming out), or you didn t push it in enough.

If it feels like it s going to fall out, you most certainly did not push it in far enough it was probably in an awkward spot. To put a tampon in, spread your legs and squat a little or sit on a toilet bowl. Put the applicator in as much as you can, and then push the end allllll the way up until you can t push it anymore. Then slowly take the plastic applicator out. If it feels like it s going to fall out, simply pull it out and start over with a new tampon. Once it s out of the applicator, it s nearly impossible to get it back in. If your tampon is the wrong size, that could also be causing you pain and discomfort. Unless your flow is heavy, try using a regular or light tampon. These are smaller and slimmer and will go in and out easier.

Don t use supers unless you have a very heavy flow. I would recommend always starting with regulars until you re more comfortable using tampons. Also keep in mind that if your flow is very light, any kind of tampon might feel a little rough coming out. Lastly, you might want to try a tampon with a plastic applicator rather than a cardboard one. Tampax makes tampons with cardboard applicators, and the applicators can hurt a little bit plastic is much smoother. In the end, remember that it may take some time to get used to using tampons, and that s okay. Don t let it discourage you! You ll get there, I promise. take care, Heather Whatвs on your mind? Heather can help! Send her your question at Follow Gurl, pretty please! ,В ,В В andВ

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