why does facebook slow down my computer

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so sorry if it's in the wrong section. On every computer I've used in the past maybe 2 years, from 2 different powerful desktops, to 3 different laptops and friends computers, my Facebook is incredibly slow, to the point that it's almost unusable. I just end up using the app on my phone most of the time and have mostly given up trying to use the website. It seem to work fine in other browsers, tried IE and Firefox and it works, still fairly slow but a lot faster than in Chrome. It doesn't matter what network I'm on as this happens on my laptop on wi-fi anywhere I'm on and as well on my desktop which is hard wired.

I have tried, disabling all extension, using incognito mode and no change. I cannot find anything with any of the computers or networks I've used that would cause this so I'm thinking it could be something with settings related to my Facebook account itself, which still seems weird as this only happens in Chrome.
I did Method 1 (downloaded and ran the "IE Fix It" program). It identified 2 or 3 things and I let it fix them.

However, it did not solve the problem. I did Method 2 (Used add-on manager to turn off all add-ons except those from Microsoft that had installation dates far in the past). I knew this problem has only existed for several months, so I turned off anything that had been installed since September. This seems to have helped, but has not fully solved the problem. The problem is: Facebook had become very slow scrolling up or down or switching between tasks. It had become incapable of doing some things at all, such as running a You-Tube that was posted in the news feed.

It would stall and become unresponsive if I scrolled down just a little way. Then it would go to just a white screen with the blue IE band at the top and the Start / apps running tabs at the bottom. The current condition is, Facebook runs and can scroll up and down, but posted You Tubes will still not run, and it still will stall and go to the white screen. I read Method 3 and was reluctant to try it. I have considered buying a new computer, but now they all have Windows 8 and it has had such bad reviews for desktop users.

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