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why does boston red sox play sweet caroline

Why is Sweet Caroline the Boston Red Sox Theme Song? by April 22, 2013 11:24 AM
Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings, I was at a Binghamton Senators game and the song Sweet Caroline was played in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. A couple days later, a friend who lives in Boston told me that she was at a game at Fenway when Neil Diamond himself showed up unannounced and asked permission to sing Sweet Caroline to the Red Sox fans at the game. Just another reason why I have an old enough to be my father, but I don t care crush on Neil. But that s beside the point. If you re not a Red Sox fan, you probably have no clue why Sweet Caroline has special meaning to the people of Boston. I know that I didn t, so decided to search for the answer. According to, Sweet Caroline is played at every Red Sox game before the bottom of the 8th inning. There s a pretty impressive myth that the song was requested by former Red Sox announcer, Ed Brickley as a tribute to the newborn daughter of Billy Fitzpatrick, a 20-year employee of Fenway Park. While sweet, that s not the way the story goes. In reality, Sweet Caroline became the unofficial song of the Boston Red Sox because a woman named Amy Toby liked the song, played it during a game, and it stuck.

Toby was put in charge of picking out music to be played at Fenway from 1998 to 2004. She liked the song Sweet Caroline, and played it. But it didn t become synonymous with Fenway right off the bat. The says that when the song was first played at the park, it was only played during random games, between the middle;e of the 7th and 9th innings and it was only played if the Red Sox were ahead in the game. Toby saw the song as a good luck charm and, in 2002, Sweet Caroline became an official Fenway tradition. To this day, the song is played before the bottom of the 8 inning at each home game. If you haven t seen the video of Neil Diamond performing Sweet Caroline at Fenway, this is a must see. [via, The playing of "Sweet Caroline" has become a fixture at many sporting events in the United States. In this version, the horn figure after Diamond sings "Sweet Caroline" in the chorus is replaced by the crowd singing "Bap Bap Bah, and after he sings "Good times never seemed so good," the crowd sings "So good, so good, so good. " This pattern is repeated whenever the chorus is played. The song has been played at, home of 's, since at least 1997, and in the middle of the eighth inning at every game since 2002.

On opening night of the 2010 season at Fenway Park, the song was performed by Diamond himself. "Sweet Caroline" was played at games at until August 2012, halting after the. Performances at Beaver Stadium resumed in September 2013, however. The song is played at the start of the fourth quarter of games at. In response, students and fans will yell "eat shit, Pitt" during the refrain if heard played. It is also an unofficial song of the, being played at athletic events and pep rallies. On April 16, 2013, the day after the, the longtime announced they would play the song during their home game, preceded by a moment of silence, as a tribute to the victims. On Saturday, April 20, 2013, during the 8th inning of the Red Sox-Kansas City game in Fenway Park, Neil Diamond led the crowd in a rendition of the song. The song was sung at sporting events across the country after the Boston Marathon bombings, in efforts to show solidarity with those affected by the tragedy. It was also played right before the start of the in, on Sunday, April 21, 2013, subsequent to a minute of silence. The song was also played before the start of the in, on Saturday, June 1, 2013, as a tribute to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. On April 25, 2013, "Sweet Caroline" was played following a tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing during the NFL Draft.

Diamond has announced that he will donate all royalties from sales of the song since the marathon bombings to the One Fund Boston charity to help the people most affected by the bombings. Diamond said that sales of the song surged nearly 600 percent in the week after the bombings, to 19,000 copies, up from 2,800 the week before. The song is played after every home win. The song is used by the fans at major tournaments. It is also used by the rugby league club after a win at the Mend a hose stadium. It is also used by Northern Irish darts player in his walk-on prior to matches which he plays in. The song is also played during the quarter time break of home games at the. The song has also been adopted by. The song's introduction, first verse and chorus are one of the regular songs played at English matches, getting particular coverage on televised matches, especially when is part of the commentary team. It is also played at the. At the, Sweet Caroline was played when won her first Grand Slam Title. English Championship Football Team use the song Sweet Caroline when the teams are coming out of the tunnel.

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