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why does everyone think pitbulls are mean

Most pit bulls would rather than be forced to fight, which is just one reason breed-specific legislation is a cruel waste of resources. President Obama. Sadly, pit bulls "often attract the worst kind of dog owners," according to the. Shelters overflow with hard-to-place pits and pit mixes, so please take
to consider adopting if you can provide as much love as they have to offer. Infographic by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post Send us photos of your pit bull and we'll feature in our slide show. Copy the code below to embed this infographic on your site If Pit Bulls are so gentle, then why do so many people fear them? After all, many insurance companies, housing complexes and even the whole city of Montreal flat out ban them. Unfortunately there are lot of junk statistics when it comes to characterizing various dog breeds (Pit Bull either). These incorrect numbers have led many people and organizations to inaccurately label some breeds as aggressive. Aggressive dogs arent born that way. Mean dogs frequently arent properly socialized as puppies. They also likely have been abused or starved well into adulthood.

People choose Pit Bulls for dog-fighting simply because theyre a strong and large breed not because theyre monsters. Aggressive Is a Misnomer for Several Dog Breeds Pit Bulls are in good company on the aggressive list. Other mischaracterized canines include rescue dogs like St. Bernards and German Shepherds. St. Bernards are famous for hazardous alpine rescue missions and are described by breed experts as gentle giants. German Shepherds are also canine heroes. These strong pups are popular within K9 units and make good drug-sniffing and bomb-detecting dogs. Trakr, a German Shepherd from Halifax, found the last 9/11 survivor. Another mischaracterized breed is the Siberian Husky. These dogs were specifically bred to look after small children and make excellent family pets. Only Certain Dog Bites are Reported Which do you think is more often reported: Pit Bull bites or Chihuahua bites? Probably Pit Bull bites, right? This isnt because Pit Bulls are meaner dogs. Chihuahua bites are possibly more common, but underreported, because these tiny dogs cant do much damage.

In fact, animal experts report no relation between breed and aggression. and aggression. And the findings arent exactly predictable. Instead of big dogs commonly being the aggressor, its pups with a Napoleon complex who are statistically more likely to lash out. Total Dog Bites Doesnt Reflect the Likelihood of a Dog Bite of a Pit Bull bite. Lets use an oversimplification to explain: Lets say in a town there are 100 Pit Bulls and 10 Pugs. In that same town, all 10 Pugs and 20 Pit Bulls bite someone. While more Pit Bulls bit someone, they werent more to bite someone. Those numbers show that 100% of Pugs bite, but only 20% of Pit Bulls bite and one can guess that Pugs are more aggressive than Pit Bulls. So should people fear Pugs more than Pit Bulls? Of course not. But its this kind of junk statistics that incorrectly leads some people to believe that Pit Bulls and other aggressive breeds are more dangerous. In fact, its these poorly read statistics that led Canadians to label huskies as aggressive.

There was a large number of reported husky bites simply because theyre a very popular breed among northern pet owners not because theyre vicious dogs. Dont believe us? When it comes to aggression, judge dogs on a case-by-case basis, not by breed. Were not the only pet experts staunchly opposed to policies that discriminate based on breed. The following groups agree: Then How Can I Avoid Dog Bites??? Avoiding dog bites is a matter of reading individual personality, not breed. Learn how to judge dogs by their, not by size or stereotypes. Always monitor children when theyre around dogs, particularly pets you dont know very well. Pit Bulls Arent Just Not Aggressive, Theyre Exceptionally Sweet Dogs Pit Bulls are unusually gentle dogs and make very good family pets. Any good Pit Bull owner will agree. And unfortunately these loving animals overcrowd shelters. So if youre looking for a loyal and affectionate dog, the first place to look is your local shelter. Youll save a life and gain a best friend for life!

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