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why does diarrhea hurt your stomach so bad

I know what you mean gassy. I've had a similar problem with my IBS-D(which is why I always say I have a predominance in pain, because all these symptoms classifications go "oh I have D or C" but it never covers the mind-blowing pain). My stomach hurts sometimes an hour before I can go to releive the pain. And 8/10 its in the night, and I have the dream thing except I'm not fighting it, I'm trying to get somewhere and its holding me down and I can't do anything. When I wake up I'm in severe pain before I even realize whats going on, mine comes in waves of intense pain and then it kinda fades off into nothing. I'm usually coherent when I wake up almost right away but when I do because of the pain I can't think right at first until it fades off a little. Then I rush to the bathroom and usually have a few fade-in's and then fade-out's with some hot flashes before I can releive myself, which you explained enough for me to just reference you.

It actually gets to the point(sometimes) where my hot flashes come up and then BAM, the pain is completely gone, and it feels like the edges of my vision are coming down on me and I hit the floor for. well, I don't know for how long. Usually to supress the pain I have a Dissolvable "emergency" pill. Its hyoscyamine in a stronger dose that I can only take one every six hours. It takes a lot of edge off the pain(I keep them in my car, in my school bag[screw their laws, I know its dumb and stupid to say but I keep it in my bag, theres no way to distribute this stuff, and when I need it I need it and I hate asking to go to the nurses office], on my desk, they travel with my everywhere! ), especially for the ones that hurt for a while before I can go.

Actually, I had a corn muffin last night that for 3o minutes was giving me some trouble, but the pain is almost gone now that I have one of these things. Even if it isn't doing 100% of the pain-suppression, and some of it is psychological(we all know IBS isn't purely, but pain is deeply tied with the mind), I'm glad to have them. Maybe you could ask your doctor about some type of "emergency" pill of your own(not even necessarily mine[hyoscyamine] because I'm no doctor, but some type of). I could live without them, but I'd rather not go back to that. Raven
Millions of people around the world have lactose intolerance. In fact, in some areas of the world, the lactose intolerant outnumber those who can digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products. This type of food intolerance causes mild to severePabdominal pain depending where you place on the tolerance scale, says PatriciaPL. Raymond, an assistant professor of clinical internal medicine atPEastern Virginia Medical School. "I advise everyone who thinks they have an intolerance to take a lactose tolerance test," she says.

P"Its not a yes or no answer because severity comes into play. " Symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, burping, gas, and indigestion and vary based on your level of sensitivity. P The solution? Skip the dairy products, like milk and cheese, and be wary of packaged foods. Raymond says packaged foods often contain hidden milk products or whey, a milk-based byproduct found in many protein powder mixes and other nutritional foods. If you re lactose intolrant you can also drink Lactaid milk or take Lactaid pills to prevent stomach aches and pains.

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