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why do younger guys like older women

by in Years ago, the thought of older women dating younger men was considered taboo. We're not entirely sure why, as older men who date women decades younger have always been completely accepted. PIn fact, men who leave their wives to hook up with a younger babe has become a fairly common occurrence during this century, leaving mature women out in the cold for mates. It's no longer easy in terms of dating or finding potentialPrelationships with men in their own age group. Thank goodness for female celebrities who simply have not cared what others thought and became publicized "cougars" as they have done a lot to change the old stereotypes. Sharon Stone, JLo, Eva Longoria and Halle Berry date who they want, when they want and don't give it another thought and all of them have been in relationships with younger men. It is likelyPthat the advent of injectables and other anti-agingPtreatmentsPhave helpedPchange the tides,Pbecause within the last decade, younger men are flocking to and seeking older, more mature women. It's a phenomenon that is growingPlike wildfire and is going to change the playing field for good. Older men and more traditional adults don't understand it. But after researching the topic, we found there are definitely great reasons that so many younger men arePlooking to find and date aPmore mature woman. Take a look at our newly created listPand see if you agree. Confidence is sexy at any age, however most younger women just don't have it. Why? Because younger women are still atPthe stage of feeling they have to compete and compare themselves to all of the gorgeous models, entertainers and celebrities that are plastered on the internet, magazines, television and just about anywhere they turn.

It's not easy being a younger woman. With today's multitude of anti-aging treatments, it's no wonder you can't tell anyone's age, particularly those who have been indulging in themPfor a few years. Gone are forehead frown lines, crow's feet and blotchy skin. Sixty-year-olds look like they are fifty something and women in their fifties are now easily passing for 40-plus-year-olds. We have finally entered the age of agelessness, at least in terms of appearance. We think of men as the gender that has been brought upPto be in control, have all the answers and know all the moves. The truth is, many men have not had the uber experiences they'd like us to believe. Male millennials and guys from Generation Y (born between 1980s and 2000) are different than the previous generations of males who were expected to get married and start a family before the age of 35. Many of the younger men just want to have fun for a few years and don't want to be pressured into anything, let alone settling down and raising a family. Older women are much more realistic about and interested in having relationships with no real end goal. Generally, they have "been there, done that", and no longer care about having a relationship that includes future dreams.

Not only does an older woman have more experience in the bedroom, she is much more apt to enjoy sexual experiencesPand let loose. Inhibitions were released long before in her earlier life and she now knows that being with someonePcan be all about fun and enjoyment without a lot of serious buzz kill. Younger men and women are often shy about communicating their needs in a relationship, especially in the bedroom. This can be frustrating as each partner can be faking maximum sexual enjoyment and dancing around issues that need to be revealed and discussed. In general, men have a lot of pressure to perform, make money, be romantic and keep a woman in gifts and praise. For a young man, these expectationsPcan be very intimidating and increase performance anxiety. Having a gorgeous older woman want to spend time with aPyounger man is an enormous ego boost to the latter. He understandsPthat she could be with anyone in her own age bracket - or so he thinks - and she chose him. A confidence booster like that does wonders for sexual performance and overall self-esteem. One of the biggest draws of dating an older woman is they really know their way around a bedroom. They know what men like and want and no longer havePinhibitions about demonstrating their knowledge. In fact, an older woman will have more sexual knowledge about what he might lovePthan he does. After all, hePmay be still learning his own sexual likes, dislikes and preferences. His unspoken hope is that she is Mrs.

Robinson who will teach him anything and everything, so he has practical takeaways when they stop seeing one another. He will also be hoping that his older teacher will be interested in showing him how and when to use stimulants, like sex toys. In the back of his mind, he is hoping he walks away being the perfect stud muffin. Sources: Pmore. com,Phuffingtonpost. com,Ptoday. com,Pyourtango. com
Looking for an AD FREE EXPERIENCE on TheRichest? Get Your Free Access Now! A few months ago a study came out that broke the hearts of women everywhere. Researched and compiled by the fine people at OKCupid, it revealed that when it comes to what men really want in a woman, it's youth. Do you remember that study? You know, the one that basically said that if you're a woman over 22, you should just give up and crawl under a rock somewhere? I'm sure you do, as much as you tried to forget it. Along with sharing that depressing news it also shared this painful line: "Once a woman passes the age of 22, she becomes exponentially less attractive to men. " Oh, how lovely. And while that still may be true for some men whose fear of ageing keeps them grappling like a rabid vampire for a woman young enough to be their daughter or granddaughter, another study has come out revealing otherwise. Yes, ladies, there is hope for all of you over 22 after all. Can I get a collective high-five? A new study of over 450,00 online daters by has found that men between the ages of 20 and 29 prefer to date older women.

Although the study did find that, yes, men do want younger women, the average most desirable age gap was up to 11 years younger than themselves. Even men in their 60s were sticking to this 11 year difference, as opposed to shooting for a 40-year difference. Are men maturing and getting their heads out of the clouds for 2015? According to psychologist, Sam Owen, the reason for this interest in older women from younger guys probably has a lot to do with how society is changing. "[It's] likely indicative of the change in gender roles in modern society towards more equality between the sexes," says Owen. "Young men nowadays probably also recognize that older women are adept at diligently juggling so many responsibilities (career, children, housekeeping, fitness, finances, socializing), which makes them intriguing and attractive and a more secure option. " However, contrary to what these younger lads may be craving, the study showed that women prefer to be the younger of the two in the relationship, with women 50 and over hoping to ideally find someone six years older than themselves. Younger women, too, prefer men older by up to 10 years, and while women will go younger, it's by no more than three years, because honestly, dudes aren't so great with the whole maturity thing. Here's EliteSingles' entire infographic on the research. Do you fit in there anywhere? Read more from : @media only screen and (min-width : 500px) {. ethanmobile { display: none; }}

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why do younger men want older women
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why do young men like older women
why do young guys like older women
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why do older men like younger women