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why does a real estate office need policies and procedures

1. If you don't know how to advertise for, market, show and write up contracts to sell, that's what they do. 2. It's always a good idea to have a "buffer" between you and the buyer/seller: selling real estate, especially one's own, is or can be stressful. 3. In many localities, if you are a seller and you don't list with an agent, you may find agents representing buyers will avoid you.

This may not be right but it does happen. 4. If you're a buyer and you just show up without an agent, you could wind up with the seller's agent acting on your behalf, and while "dual agency" is legal, the purpose of having an agent is to represent YOU and YOU alone. 5. These are some of the reasons.

On the other hand if there's a seller without an agent and the buyer is without an agent, the parties could avoid agents altogether by working through their attorneys directly on a contract. The attorneys then act in some ways like agents, but as they are licensed to do so are allowed to do so -- normally they can't advertise for you if you're the seller, however.
Do you work with sellers as a seller s agent or a transaction broker?

Do you work with buyers as a buyer s agents or a transaction broker? When a buyer calls you on a sign call, do you stay a seller s agent or do you become a transaction-broker? When you help a buyer purchase a FSBO, do you work as a transaction broker or a buyer s agent?

How do you handle situations where you are the only broker for a deal, but you have a special relationship with one side? If your Brokerage Relationship Policy predates January of 2003 (the beginning of designated brokerage), you need a new Brokerage Relationship Policy.

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