why vending machines should be in schools

We can't let the kids starve during school. If they get hungry, they need to eat something, and they can get it from vending machines! If they want sweets, let them get sweets. They will learn sooner or later that they are not good for you, but they are active enough to burn off the fats. They can have healthy snacks! Vending machines can be used as a quick breakfast or recess snack for those who forgot. They can also help the school earn money for other things such as science lab, computer lab, and music. Vending machines offer a healthy, easy, and inexpensive snack for kids. Vending machines offer food for those who cant retrieve it at home. As a mom of three, I don't want my children spending their allowance on junk food and sugary drinks. I also want to make sure my children are eating nutritious meals provided by the school and not substituting their lunch for a bag of chips, candy, and a soda. I'm not against sugar completely, I bake for my family all the time. I feel better knowing that their desserts are made from scratch and free of chemicals and artificial ingredients. The questions is "Should schools have vending machines? " It doesn't specify what type. People just assume they are soda and candy machines, but what if they are not? Then does that change your opinion, probably. People claim "No, cause it makes them gain weight and it's not healthy! " If you consult an actual nutritionist, then you would know that for the proper metabolism a child needs to eat at least 5 small portions of food a day. A healthy breakfast, light snack (granola bar), healthy lunch, light snack (fruit), healthy dinner, and light snack (your choice). So where will our children get a light snack between breakfast and lunch? Some will say send something with your kid, or be prepared. This day and age who are we kidding? No one is every fully prepared and things don't always work out.

I say, if it's healthy vending machines then go for it! Vending machines ftw!!!!! Vending machines are great. They will give a child a food source to "power through the day. " They don't nessecarilly have bad food all the time, either. A lot of snacks in vending machines are healthy, such as apples and grapes. Others have things such as trail mix that are good for children. It's a child's decision to eat junk or fruit anyway, so it is primarily a child's fault that this topic is even a thing. Vending machines are very important to high school kid who don't eat and need snacks during school and never have anything the want to eat school so they wont be hungry and they need the food they need for the day and don't have lunch money. Because you need the food you need
Why Not? There is really no valid reason to take away vending machines from our schools. There is no reason a vending machine HAS to be filled with garbage they can just as easily be filled with fairly healthy choices like granola bars or 100 calorie packs or perhaps nuts and trail mixes. Just because it's a vending machine doesn't mean it has to be stuffed with candy and chips. I think that schools should have vending machines, but they should have healthy food choices. When I was in high school, they had vending machines, but they didn't always have good choices. I'll admit, I made some wrong choices for food, but as an adult I'm paying for my wrong decisions. I'm not "overweight", but I'm not at the weight i should be for my age. Let kids make their own choices, that is how they will learn. I vote yes on vending machines at schools because they are cheap and convinient and also on their way to different classes they could get some things like baked chips and thay should have like baked chips and poweraid and healthy stuff. Now that is my opinion i vote yes. Vending machines in schools can be a controversial topic.

P A lot of misconceptions about them float around. P While some concerns are valid, the problem may not be with the vending machine itself, but rather with the way the vending machine is being used. P Here are reason why it can be positive to host a vending machine at a school, and how existing vending habits can be turned into good ones. Positive reasons to host a vending machine at a school: 1) They are low cost. Kids don t have a lot of money, and where children are underprivileged, every child has access to the same snacks to buy in the machine, priced affordably. 2) They can replace forgotten lunches. It s awful when a child forgets a lunch and going home for the lunch hour is not an option (especially since often these days both parents spend the day at work). P By having a or around, a child with a few dollars can still get something to eat to last the day. 3) They keep kids around. A problem is when kids leave school grounds with the excuse that they re going to the store to buy something. P This can make supervision an issue, especially when some kids don t return after the lunch break, or come back late. P It also creates a trend and following, where large groups of kids will want to leave. P Having a vending machine at the school can eliminate the excuse that they need to go to the store to buy snacks, since the snacks are available right in the school. 4) Vending machines are great for fundraising. A vending machine at the school can be used to, either for the school itself, for student activities, for supplementing hot lunch programs, or even for an external cause, such as a charity. P This can also be a great way to get kids involved in their community and create a team effort to improve something. Turning vending habits into positive ones: Using. The main problem with vending machines in schools has been the unhealthy eating associated with them.

P However, this can easily be changed by simply conducting a meeting with school officials to decide what will and what will not appear in the machines for sale to students. P Things like granola bars, trail mixes and juices can be sold instead of pop and chips only. Keep the machine in a visible, supervised location. An unsafe habit in schools is when kids kick machines or try to tilt them when a snack gets stuck or they lose their coins in the reader. P To avoid this, simply place the machine in a place where it can be viewed easily by school staff, and where kids will be more responsible with their behaviour around the. P For example, placing the machine near the school office or staff room could eliminate this problem. Using a power surge bar and a Canadian Standards Association approved vending machine. Electricity can be a danger to students, especially if they toy with the wires. P In addition to keeping the machine in a location where it can be easily supervised by adults, be sure to go with a company that installs using a power surge bar and a machine approved by the Canadian Standards Association. Going with a vending service company rather than handling machine matters on your own. For a school to handle the maintenance and stocking of a vending machine can be cumbersome and time consuming. P After all, a school is not in the business of vending. P For this reason, it s best to leave it to the specialists. Often these will install, maintain, service and stock the machines free of charge, and simply provide the school with a percentage of the earnings in exchange for providing the retail location for them to operate. P When considering all the work and effort involved, this is a deal to steal for the school, which can be better spending it s time educating and caring for children.

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