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why is tobacco legal and cannabis illegal

Pure Nonsense. Period! There is a historical side to it as well. Marijuana was something that was tied to the Jazz scene and used mostly by Afro Americans. Alcohol was always a "white man's pleasure". Mix that fact with racism and the desire to keep blacks in chains and viola! Got your answer! It is a plant. It should be labeled, regulated and taxed and let the public have the CHOICE to use or not used like cigarettes. Farmer could go back to growing a plant. Increased income from taxes. Save American millions being used for law enforcement. It makes no sense to me why it is illegal. Marijuana is a lot healthier then alcohol. Marijuana does not make people violent or sick, therefore alcohol kills many people every year. You can OD from alcohol abuse and not from marijuana, you can get massive hangover from alcohol and NOT from marijuana. Why would you lie about democracy when people want weed and you give them poison?! The only reason marijuanna is a schedule 1 drug is because of how easily it can be grown. This would make it hard to tax so they just make it illegal. Alcohol is a lot harder to make there is a larger process such as the growing and fermintation also its dangerous making alcohol you could mess up one of the processes and give yourself alcohol poisoning. I honestly don't see why there's a good medical reason to ban it compared to the other two. I'm not a gung-ho supporter of marijuana -- using it too much is obviously not going to be a great thing and using it before driving is dangerous, but I fail to see why it should be viewed as more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol. If it was legal, maybe people who would use the riskier tobacco or alcohol would smoke more pot instead without worrying about the law. I heard an argument about it not being easier for the government to tax compared to tobacco and alcohol so maybe that might have something to do with this, but surely something could be found to solve that issue?

I mean if pot is legal and people can buy it at convenience stores, would they really bother growing it on their own? Isn't that why making moonshine on your own and selling it is illegal, because the government can't tax it? There are patents granted for the CBD component of Cannabis. The Gutenberg bible is written on Hemp. Our 1st two drafts of our constitution is written on hemp. You can't legalize or make illegal Marijuana which is a state of being you can get with mescaline, peyote, medicinal cannabis, and meditation. Anslanger failed with alcohol prohibition and chose to chase something else to fund his department. He said a five year study by 31 doctors and scientists (La Guardia Report) was "unscientific" and he wasn't even a scientist to judge. The 1938 Popular Mechanics had an issue on the next billion dollar crop which could have had bio-degradable plastic and hemp oil gasoline burned with CO2 as exhaust vs smoke and what from petroleum. Most medicine at the turn of 1900 had cannabis as part of the medicine. Natural not synthetic (which kicks vitamins and minerals out of your body). And growing hemp makes the soil better able to support other crops! Marijauna although beleieved detrimental to many it is not harmful more than any other thing like coffe its medical uses outweigh its negative uses alone however we can just grow it there is no way the government cannot tax it leaving no profit to be gained. No good reason. Nope, there is no good reason why alcohol and tobacco are legal and marijuana is illegal. Alcohol and tobacco have been proven to alter your health and cause death while the results have not been concluded on health issues related to marijuana. Marijuana could be taxed just the same to bring the state/governments' revenue. So what is the problem? No, not other than kickbacks.

I see no more harm in marijuana use than I do in alcohol and tobacco use. In fact, I believe that alcohol is much more destructive and addictive. The only reason I can think of for marijuana continuing to be illegal is that some people (government related) must be getting kickbacks because that is the case. Not really. But. No, but there isn't a great reason for tobacco either. Alcohol, well, I don't drink it myself, but in moderation it is ok. http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index? qid=20100404233640AAlaV9o
It basically says that if the government bans alcohol, then it will lose a lot of it's tax money. Smoking kills 6 million people per year, including 600,000 from second-hand smoking, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). By 2030, it s expected to kill 8 million people. Smoking causes heart attacks, stroke, and emphysema. It also causes cancer in the lung, kidney, head, neck, throat, mouth, and stomach. Up to half of all tobacco users will eventually die of a tobacco-related disease, stated a press release WHO issued for the May 31st No Tobacco Day. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has more telling statistics. It states that smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the US and kills more people than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, car accidents, suicides, and murders combined. Still, smoking tobacco is legal. Another legal substance is alcohol, which kills 2. 5 million people per year, according to the WHO. In the US, it kills about 80,000 people per year, according to the CDC. It s also a leading factor in domestic abuse and child maltreatment and neglect cases. Meanwhile, which doesn t cause death according to multiple sources, is illegal. Multiple medical professionals have stated that it s impossible to lethally overdose on marijuana. Contrastingly, many legal substances and over-the-counter drugs (like aspirin) can cause death by overdose.

Marijuana doesn t increase the risk of cancer or other fatal diseases, according to multiple studies. In fact, a UCLA study concluded that there is even a suggestion of some protective effect against cancer. Whenever marijuana is blamed for causing fatal accidents, other substances are almost always present and marijuana usually played a marginal role. Marijuana isn t generally linked to violence and certainly not linked to domestic abuse. In short, marijuana is a safe substance. Yet why is it illegal while substantially more harmful substances aren t? Steve Fox, director of public affairs for the National Cannabis Industry Association, blames it on government propaganda and cultural bias. One of the earliest propaganda materials against marijuana, released in 1936, was a grossly inaccurate film called Reefer Madness. The film showed fictional scenes of marijuana inducing young people to commit attempted rape, commit multiple murders, commit suicide, and become criminally insane. Throughout the years, similar (but usually less outrageous) lies about marijuana have been spread, leading the public to have a negative perception towards it. Fox, however, is hopeful. He believes those born after the 1950s have a more accurate understanding of marijuana. Therefore, as time goes on, the US population will increasingly support the legalization of it. The latest Gallup poll shows that 46 percent of Americans already support the legalization of marijuana. Among survey participants between the ages of 18 and 29, 61 percent support it. Fox said starting from 10 or 15 years ago, public support for marijuana legalization has climbed about 1 to 2 percentage points each year. If this trend continues, the majority of American could support marijuana legalization in just a few years. READ: READ: READ: READ:

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