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why do teachers have affairs with students

Teachers are sexually attracted to students all the time, my teaching career is proof
Teachers are sexually attracted to students all the time, my teaching career is proof Teachers are constantly caught screwing their students. Almost every single day, the news cycle offers another example, and the collective reaction is expected to repeat the same sense of disapproval: How awful! An educator took advantage of a vulnerable pupil! or How disgusting! What kind of perverted adult is attracted to an underage student? But after years of working as a young high school teacher, I saw this situation in a new light. My co-workers and I consistently grappled with sexual attractions to our students. Some of us acted on our urges and others restrained, but we all ultimately faced the facts teachers are attracted to their students all the time. [ It s only natural to find some of your students attractive, my colleague Jason, another high-school instructor, insists. These girls are in their biological prime. You can t help but notice and think about some of them, because that s the way our brains are hard-wired. Jason waited until his students had graduated and he d left his position at the high school to pursue his favorite female pupils. At that point, Jason was 24, and his students were 18. He began chatting with a few girls over Instagram. He and one former students are now exchanging nude photos. There are certain circumstances under which student-teacher attractions are most likely to form. Communicating outside of school is a recurring theme. that email, text messaging and social media are blurring the professional/private boundaries between teachers and students. In addition, indicates teachers who spend time with students one-on-one or after school such as private tutors, coaches, counselors, teachers of drama, art, and music more often fall into sexual relationships with those students.

Andrea, another former co-worker of mine, was working as a private tutor when she first starting forming flirtatious relationships with students. I never actually made a move, but I definitely flirted with a few tutoring students, she admits. You re always going to have more chemistry with some students than with others, and when that student either looks extremely mature for their age, or even more rare, acts mature for their age, a very natural attraction can start to build. Jason and Andrea shared similar unprofessional experiences while working as professional educators. But had they been caught, would their inappropriate behavior be similarly punished? Many say there s a double-standard when men sleep with students versus when women do the same. When an attractive female teacher has sex with a young, male student, the relationship. Lucky male students get out to live out their hot-for-teacher fantasy. The same can t be said when gender roles are reversed. Male teachers who have sex with their female students are villainized. They re perverts abusing their power dynamic. This may explain why when female teachers are sent to jail for student sex offenses, their sentences are, on average, shorter than sentences given to male offenders. However, this fact has some important caveats. First, although women make up the vast majority of the country s teachers, indicate that of teachers found guilty of sexual misconduct were male. Beyond that, when women were caught sleeping with a student, Summarizing her work with 800 male and 36 female offenders, psychologist Jane Kinder Matthews women have far less often used force or violence, tend to use fewer threats in an attempt to keep their victims silent, and are less likely to initially deny the relationship, and more willing to take responsibility for their behavior.

If attraction is inevitable between teachers and students, it s time we acknowledge this hard truth (rather than acting astonished every time another teacher-student sex scandal hits the headlines), and begin to address the issues that are actually within our control. Perhaps the best solution is to prevent educators from acting on their urges. In the case of my high school instructor colleagues, although they acknowledge a mutual flirtation with their students, they never physically touched a single one. I know they were very natural urges, but it was never an option to follow through on them, Jason says. The consequences are too dire in our society. More than 100 women were in 2015. The figures, obtained via a, show the number of convictions almost trebled in a decade. Among those convicted were a number of school staff, including teachers, a head teacher and a teaching assistant. The attractive female teacher БseducingБ the wide-eyed teenage pupil is a plot line that has recently featured in two popular TV shows: and. This kind of story is often portrayed as a Бcoming of ageБ experience but legally, a teacher engaging in any form of sexual relationship with a child under their care is abuse. And while itБs not spoken about very often, perpetrated sexual abuse in schools does happen. Although this type of abuse goes on, determining how common it is can be very difficult, given the limited research in this area. in the US found women were responsible for 19% of child sexual abuse committed in positions of trust. across a number of countries also found concerning levels Б reporting that one in nine sex offenders were female.

And yet, despite these figures, what is officially recorded in criminal justice statistics tends to be much lower. , for example, women made up only 1. 5% of the sex offender population in prison or on probation in England and Wales. Generally women involved in this type of teacher-pupil case do not fit the mould of what many consider a Бpredatory paedophileБ, in that unlike other sex offenders they do not specifically enter their professions to access children. Instead has found that many (though not all) of these women appear to abuse because of their own unmet resulting from relationship problems and feelings of loneliness for example. These women are also different from other female sex offenders in that they are generally older, more affluent, have better social skills and less issues with substance abuse. Their behaviour is also to some extent influenced by the very situations they are working in. Many, though not all, appear to abuse as a result of their own intimacy needs. Existing research is if these types of female sex offenders tend to prefer male or female victims. Indeed, my own has shown that while male pupils are the most typical victims, over a fifth of victims are female. that many of these women who abuse girls are not known to have previously been involved in same-sex adult relationships. Despite the impact this type of abuse, in these types of cases it is often whether this is anything more than just professional misconduct if the victim is over the age of consent.

This is because social and cultural norms mean that women are often viewed as nurturers and carers, Бthe fairer sexБ and therefore not capable of sexual aggression. So this means that abuse by a woman is seen as being less harmful than abuse by a man Б and viewed as the result of mental instability or coercion by a male partner. And this not only minimises the offending behaviour, but it also unfairly downplays the consequences for victims. This behaviour is abusive and needs to be regarded as such. It is a form of sexual violence recognised in law since the introduction the in 2000. This makes it quite clear that any sexual behaviour between an adult and a young person aged over the age of consent Б which in the UK is 16 Б but under the age of 18, is a criminal offence, and punishable by up to five years in prison. Although it is positive that there is more coverage of female sex offenders across the mainstream media, sadly, these representations are all to often and do not portray the reality of the abuse and the impact it can have on victims. There needs to be less of the soft focus, romantic themed shots set against dreamy music and more of the harsh reality of the impact of this type of abuse on young people Б as well as their friends, families and communities. Ultimately, these inappropriate female teacher-pupil relationships need to be reported and presented in the same way they would be if the perpetrator was a male Б which tends to be much more a narrative of abuse rather than the so often seen in TV dramas.

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