why is time management important in college

Time Management is the thinking skill that helps children to prioritize tasks and accurately judge the amount of time needed to complete them. It helps them complete activities in a timely fashion, and learn to manage and stick to a schedule. Time Management often involves children monitoring their own efforts and actions, having an appropriate sense of urgency to complete assignments, and having the ability to efficiently follow step-by-step procedures. At home, good Time Management skills help kids to complete household duties or chores in a timely fashion, and get ready and out the door on time in the morning. Children with poor Time Management skills may be known for frequently missing the bus, procrastinating when it comes to homework, and needing to rush through their homework andPstay up late to complete assignments. From recognizing the need for preparation, to having a good sense of how long assignments might take and being able to prioritize activities, Time Management plays a major role in academic success. Read onPfor some common examples of how Time Management impacts student performance in reading, writing and math. Reading: Time Management skills help kids to leave enough time to complete a reading assignment, or to recognize when they might need time to reread complex material.

Math: Prioritizing information and excluding irrelevant information is a part of managing ones time and approach to tasks. Time ManagementPhelps kids develop a number sense as it relates to the amount of time and effort they may need for academic tasks. Writing: Time ManagementPhelps kidsPutilize their time effectively while organizing ideas and generating a written product. Time Management skills are essential for gauging the amount of time needed to produce written responses for test and quizPquestions.
Time is of the essence. Spend your time wisely. Plan ahead. All of these are clichц sayings, but they ring true, especially as a college student. From the last three years, IБve learned that planning ahead is crucial to your success in and out of class. How much time and effort you direct toward homework, recognized student organizations and friends will determine what kind of experience you have at UCA. Speaking from personal experience, each year I have spent at UCA has differed on how I have managed my time. During my freshman year, I spent the majority of my time studying for classes and allocated some of my time to hanging out with friends. I wanted good grades and I was determined to keep my scholarship, even if my new home became the wooden desks in Torreyson library.

In my sophomore year, I figured I should be more involved in campus life, since I wasnБt during my freshman year. I joined an RSO and a sorority. While balancing my schoolwork, social life and maintaining an active membership in the RSO and sorority was difficult, it was worthwhile. This semester, I had the bright idea that I could juggle 17 hours, along with БThe Echo,Б БThe Fountain Online,Б my sorority and work. ItБs been a long adventure so far, but IБm still chugging along because I carry my planner everywhere. Every hour of my life is usually accounted for, so time management has never played such a key role in my life. My dear planner has kept me afloat these past couple months. My time at college has taught me a couple of important lessons. College is an opportunity to learn how to spend your time wisely. You can devote and divide it multiple ways, but you have to prioritize and understand what is most important to you. ItБs easy to join an RSO, but itБs hard to sustain an active membership if youБre involved in ten. I learned the lesson of being careful not to spread yourself too thin this year and suffice to say, I donБt get as much sleep as I used to.

ItБs much easier to choose two RSOБs and do all you can to continue the RSOБs mission. Having your nose in a textbook will get you a good grade, but it eliminates time you could spend getting to know unique individuals. While maintaining a good GPA is important, it doesnБt always equal success in life. Years from now, the things youБll remember from college will be the memories made with friends, not the grade you received on that Chemistry test freshman year. Finally, set aside time for sleep and donБt let your old friend, procrastination, dominate your life. Without sleep, paying attention in class is impossible. Plus, getting Starbucks coffee everyday to perk up drains your bank account quick. Also, be aware that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter wonБt teach you how to solve an integral or learn why gross domestic product per capita is a more accurate representation of a countryБs wealth. Studies have shown it takes your mind about 15 minutes to get back on task after a disruption. Being in college is a balancing act. It takes work, dedication and sometimes getting less sleep. Time is like money in college. ItБs limited and you have to be careful where you spend it.

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