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why does elizabeth taylor have purple eyes

Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered for many things her passionate performances in films, fondness for expensive jewelry,
and, of course, those famous violet eyes. Thanks to colored contact lenses, anyone can have violet-colored eyes these days. Taylor didn't come by her purple peepers that way; the first tinted contact lenses weren't commercially available until 1983. Taylor's eye color was the real deal. The appearance of the iris the colored ring that's around the eye's black pupil depends on how much of the it contains. The more melanin in your iris, the darker your eyes will look (melanin levels are ). For example, the irises of a person with dark brown eyes have more melanin than the eyes of a green-eyed person. Taylor's eyes had a very specific, and rare, amount of melanin, but it was roughly the same as a person with blue eyes. "There are various shades of blues and grays, with many in-between. Violet may have been her typical pigmentation," Norman Saffra, chairman of the ophthalmology department at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, N. Y. , told Life's Little Mysteries. "It's possible to have that eye color it all depends on the amount of melanin. " Eye color can also appear to change based on the, Saffra said.

For example, wearing a white shirt will reflect light off of the iris and make its color look slightly lighter. Makeup can also "bring out" certain colors in the eyes. Taylor was often photographed wearing blue or purple eye shadow to compliment her eyes' naturally violet hue, or dark brown eye shadow and black eyeliner to contrast against and play up their unique color. Got a question? and we'll crack it. ACCORDING TO GOOGLE SEARCH, the late Hollywood actress Elizabeth TaylorБs eyes are the most Googled in the world, with a staggering 27,100 global searches per month for the term БElizabeth Taylor eyesБ. By comparison, Bollywood actress comes in second, with a lowly 6,000 monthly searches for her sea-green eyes, takes third with 4,400 searches, while Megan Fox, Taylor Swift and are all joint third with 2,400 searches. Altogether, the various searches about Elizabeth TaylorБs eyes and eye color amount to over 325,000 online queries per year. Taylor, who starred in the movies Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Cleopatra and WhoБs Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, and who was married a total of eight times, died of heart failure on March 23, 2011, at the age of 79.

She was widely considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses of her era Б assisted not simply by her mesmeric eyes, by also by a rare genetic defect that gave her two layers of eyelashes Б the result of an abnormal development of the FOXC2 gene. ELIZABETH TAYLOR EYES: VIOLET OR BLUE? Part of the reason for the global popularity of TaylorБs eyes today is due to БElizabeth Taylor Violet EyesБ Б a perfume named after her, which launched in 2010, and that many Internet users are actually looking for in search, as opposed to general information about her eyes or eye color. The second reason for TaylorБs eye popularity lies within their unusual purple color, which many adoring fans and journalists have eulogised for over half a century. But what color were Elizabeth Taylor's eyes in reality? The answer is, they were not purple at all but dark blue, and merely appeared to be purple when exposed to lighting, make-up, particular hues of clothing or the photographic re-touching of her images.

True purple eyes are extremely rare, and almost always occur in people with albinism Б the condition in which a person is born with little or no pigment in their eyes, skin or hair. Albinos possess low levels of melanin, the natural substance that determines pigment. It is this deficiency that creates purple eyes. By contrast, TaylorБs blue eyes will have formed with more melanin than is present in purple colored eyes. In fact, new research published in 2008 in the journal Human Genetics suggested that people like Taylor with blue eyes all descended from a single common ancestor who lived in the North Western part of the Black Sea region during the Neolithic period, 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Within GoogleБs league table of eye popularity todayБs celebrities fall way behind old timer Elizabeth TaylorБs scores. Perhaps the next move for second placed Rihanna would be to bring out her own fragrance, entitled БRihanna Green EyesБ, to boost her into the top spot. is out now.

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