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why does a payroll system need security

External inquiries for payroll information leave you open to a potential breach. While creditors, mortgage companies and other entities with a financial interest may contact you, there is no way to verify who is actually on the other end of the line. You may get calls seeking to verify income for an employee or from creditors who want to garnish wages.

Create a standard system for inquiring about this information in writing. In the case of a garnishment, the proper legal channels need to be followed. Train all payroll employees on the proper procedures for releasing any personal information about employees.
Perform background checks on potential payroll employees.

The investigation tells you whether a potential employee has financially related crimes or severe debt issues. Payroll employees often have access to other employeesв financial data, such as bank account and routing numbers.

Even if an applicant passes the background check, request that she sign a confidentiality agreement that forbids her from leaking payroll data. Upon the termination of an employee who has access to confidential data, change all codes and passwords promptly and require the return of related items such as keys and computer disks.

Clean all sensitive information from the terminated employeeвs system before assigning the same computer to another worker.

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