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why does heart rate increase after drinking alcohol

There have been many studies done on this. Drinking alchohol can increase your heart rate. For some the heart can be as high 100 BPM or higher. For some this is sign of your body's intolerance to alchohol. And for very few this can be a sign of serious heart problems. For some people drinking even in small amounts causes problems. Bottom line just another reason to not drink at all.

Given that you are taking 1-3 more bpm, that's not much, and probably harmless. But you might mention this to your doctor the next time you see them. They might want to run a echocardiogram. I had one done last year, and found a number of issues with my heart in mild or stage 1 damage.

It was an eye opener for me to find out I had hurt my heart with my careless lifestyle for 48 years. Fortunately by taking better care of myself, the damage can heal, or not get worse. I can live a perfectly normal life with the damage if it does not heal.
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why does my heart rate increase when i drink alcohol
why does my heart rate increase when i drink
why does my heart rate increase after drinking alcohol
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