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why does bill belichick cut off his sleeves

In an, Dan Wetzel describes Bill Belichick s contrarian nature and how it spreads to what he wears and doesn t wear, including the somewhat controversial decision to forego wearing camouflage last weekend during the NFL s Salute to Service. It wasn t that Belichick doesn t support the military (he s a huge supporter; his father coached at Navy, he takes his team to visit the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed when the Pats are in Washington, etc. ) it s likely because he doesn t like being told what to wear or believing he needsPsome gear to prove his patriotism. It s jut Bill being Bill. Tell him to jump, he ll say no. In the column, Wetzel also explains Belichick s normal wardrobe the famed cut-off sweatshirt that makes him look like he s about to ask you for change or explain some conspiracy theory about deflated footballs and a team s fumbling rate:
According to sources through the years, after Reebok inked a reported $250 million deal as the official outfitter of the NFL in the early 2000s, one of the tenets of the contract was that coaches would wear their gear. Belichick rejected the concept on principle, arguing that some NFL executive in New York shouldn t be telling grown men how to dress. He s a coach, not a fashion model, after all, and the whole thing felt ridiculous. That didn t mean he could ignore it forever, so when presented with all of the acceptable items to wear, Belichick purposefully chose what he believed was the least fashionable choice the humble grey hoodie. He soon even chopped the sleeves off of it, often with crooked and sloppy cuts, perhaps in an effort to make it less attractive. When you read the column and realize why Belichick doesn t wear the pink ribbons or the camo headsets ( ), you think of him as a man of principle. And I don t disagree with that. He s taking a stand. It s like the frivolity of politicans wearing an American flag. Applying something to your lapel doesn t prove your love of your country, it proves you re able to procure, then wear, a pin.

Belichick s trips to Walter Reed are infinitely more impressive, important and meaningful than wearing something on your clothing. But the outfitter stuff is just plan petulant. Here s a man, who gets paid millions of dollars to coach a game almost completely because of advertisers (who drive up TV deals which drives up team revenues which drives up Belichick s salary) and Belichick can t heed a simple request to show a Reebok logo or Nike swoosh. Refusing to wear pink because it s pointless is fine. Refusing to wear a swoosh is biting the hand that feeds you. PIt sPnot a principled stand, it s the move of a petulant child. Belichick wore relatively, logo-less (as far as I can tell) clothes when he was at Cleveland, but did. I get that he d rather wear what he wants, but I imagine 80% of America would prefer to wear something different to the workplace. Sometimes we have to do things we don t like, especially when it s part of your job and even more especially when that job pays you millions per year. At the end of the day, does it matterPBelichick is wearing a cut-off? Of course not. Other than Nike execs, I can t think of anyone who d be affected by this. But when Bill Belichick does this, it s not a principled stand, it s a grownPman of 63 being defiant for no reason other than his own ego. It s pathetic and his refusal to conform to even the simplest requestPspeaks volumes as to how the Patriots have conducted themselves as an organization since Belichick took over. Its a trend we probably all hope does not take off. Bill Belichick is known for a peculiar fashion sense, and he lived up to it again for Super Bowl 2018: The New England Patriots legendary coach is partial to sleeveless sweatshirts (sometimes a hoodie with the sleeves cut off. ) What gives? Why does Belichick always opt for that . look? According to The Wall Street Journal, which dubbed the coachs sartorial sense frumpy, Belichick first started wearing sleeveless sweatshirts in 2013.

The exact date is November 23, 2003 according to the WSJ anyway. It was the day that head coach, Bill Belichick, debuted his now-legendary sweatshirt style: A gray Patriots logo hoodie with cut-off sleeves, Often Belichick wears a long-sleeved shirt under the short-sleeved or sleeveless hoodie look. Sometimes he wears short-sleeved sweatshirts, and sometimes he goes full hoodie, almost always with the sleeves cut off or short sleeves. However, that it discovered a slightly earlier game in which Belichick first donned the sleeveless hoodie look. The first game we find Belichick wearing the infamous Reebok hoodie, still with sleeves intact, was November 11th, 2003 in a game against one of his former mentors, Bill Parcells and the Cowboys, the site reported. The Journal claims that Belichicks sleeveless sweatshirt/hoodie fashion statement is akin to Vince Lombardis signature fedora. Well, its a signature look, butthe hoodie style is unlikely to catch on. But check this out! Belichick donned quite a different look when he arrived in Minnesota for Super Bowl 2018. However, Belichick was right back to wearing the bizarre sleeveless sweatshirt style again for the Super Bowl itself. You might think its superstition, but there is no statistical reason for Belichick to continue to adopt the frumpy hoodie look, though. Namely: It doesnt really work. Of the 42 games he coached wearing the cut-sleeved version, the team won 32; of the 24 for which he wore the full-sleeved version, the Patriots won 22. In other words, he seems to do better when he leaves the sleeves alone, reported The Journal. Furthermore, Belichick seems to frequently don the same purple/blue hoodie that he wore for Super Bowl 2018. Unless he has more than one of them.

According to statistician Bob Yoon, the color of Belichicks hoodie matters too. Whenever Belichick wears gray, the Pats win by an average of 11 points. Blue, 9. 05. He should avoid Red and White. White, they lose by 5. 67 points and red, theyre barely scraping by. When I dug into this further, the main difference seems to be on how many points the Patriots score. The Patriots score 8 points less when Belichick is wearing red. White, forget about it 11. 67 points. The amount of points scored by the opponent is statistically the same no matter the color Belichick is wearing, Theres even a database tracking Belichicks fashion choices. You can see it Belichick didnt always favor hoodies with the sleeves missing or hacked off; he once was more frequently seen in windbreakers, and white polo shirts, and when he first turned to hoodies, there were many times that he wore them, as the database notes, WITH SLEEVES! By 2011, the database contains no such mentions, as Belichick was all in on the cut off sleeve look. Las Vegas bookies before Super Bowl 2018 on what Belichick would wear, including, Bill Belichick wears a hoodie during game: Yes -130 / No +100. Without statistics backing up the odd fashion choice, it remains a mystery why Belichick picks it. WEEI radio asked the man himself. Why does he wear sleeveless hoodies? Because thats whats in his closet (or dresser as it may be), the legendary coach insisted. (The hoodie does make Belichick seem more approachable and down to earth to some fans. He doesnt need pretense. Hes got the Super Bowl rings, after all. ) Belichick insisted that he doesnt give his sleeveless look a great deal of thought. In all honesty I really dont pay that much attention to it, I swear I dont. People ask me after the game why did you wear the blue one, why did you wear the gray one? I just put on whatever is there, in 2012.

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why does bill belichick cut his sweatshirts
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