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why do stars only come out at night

Answer 4: This question can be partially answered by several
effects. First, the human eye is sensitive to light over an enormous range of intensities. Typical "bright" stars are actually very dim compared to the brightness of the sun -- about a trillion 10^12 times dimmer. The brightness of objects illuminated by the sun typically 10 to 100 times dimmer than it is -- but that still makes the an enormous problem for the eye. (It has at least two mechanisms for light accommodation-- the iris which simple stops a fraction of the light like a camera lens, and chemical changes which enhance the cells particular to night vision. -- this takes some 10 to 20 minutes and unless you walk rapidly from dim to bright or vice versa you won't notice it. ) So the first problem is that your eye -- to allow you to see, will reduce its sensitivity when there is bright light present. Secondly, the atmosphere of the earth has lots of fine particles of dust which are so small they never settle to the ground. These dust particles scatter a small part of the light from the sun in random directions, and the mechanism for scattering works better for shorter (bluer) wavelengths.

This is why the sky is blue and why the sun seems to redden as it sets -- it has a longer path in the air -- so more of the blue light is lost, then green. etc. By the way, clouds are made of much bigger bits, so they scatter visible light fairly evenly -- making them appear white. (But not to even longer light like infrared -- which can peer through clouds). Both processes make seeing stars in the daytime very hard. However, if you happen to be in a deep well, with dark walls so that you only see a small bit of sky, and the rest of you visual field is dark, you might see some bright stars during the day. So, do you think that the astronauts can see the stars during the day from the moon? It's not about vampires or goths! It's a song about being alone and not having anyone who really knows you along with not feelling comfortable in yourself. One possible reason for the "we only come out at night" line is drugs. This is supported by the "the days are much to bright" This could be true though Jimmy was the band member most heavily involved in drugs. Another reason for those lines could be refering to not feeling comfortable with people seeing you.

Billy has refers to feelings like that in many of his other songs too. I think this song is about stars. The days are too bright so you only see them at night. Which also means they can't do anything for people during the day(directly). It also goes with the predominate theme of the album. I think this song is kind of a message from Billy Corgan to whomever is listening to this song. The Smashing Pumpkins, especially the Mellon Collie album, are a band that makes sad and thoughtful and reminiscent music. It's music for long night time drives where you think about life and people you miss and all of that. Or maybe it's just music you listen to when your thoughts are in a sort of metaphorical night. Billy Corgan is saying "Hey, we understand you. Our music is here to help. We might not know the way to happiness or to answers, but for a little while we can help you feel like it's all going to be okay. " Walking alone to bars, clubs and parties. Friday nights. People who otherwise would be shy and seeking solitude either feel comfortable to be themselves, and others pretend to be people who they are not. I think he speaks about the hypocrisy of it all.

Not just these people, but life. if you have ever fallen in love with a friend you might relate to this song like i do. "we only come out at night" refers to going out with this friend just to hang out but you have feelings and they dont. " walk alone, i walk alone to find the way home i'm on my own, i'm on my own to see the ways that i can't help the days, you will make it home o. k" I've always had weird interpretations of music, so bare with this one: I interpret this as a lonley, confused puzzle for those who do A, B, or C. Some do hard drugs, others more acceptable (weed), others drink. I'm more into the drinking/smoking crowd. I've always felt like this was meant to be listened to after smoking. The heavy beat in the background, the puzzling lyrics, the confused/distraught nature of the song, and the isolation. It's definitely a great song. But I've always thought of it as some weird ode to stoners. Although, vampires is very obvious from the lyrics. I enjoy this one. Could be a silly song or one about being insecure. Fits either mood. well i guess, but i think it is more about people. people who are afraid of the light of life. and they are insecure they pretend to know the way. and they think their friends pretend to know them. so yeah vampires sure why not. but if you wanna look at it on a deeper level it can be people like billy. or well all of us at times. who feel like we can only come out at night i think vampires is the obvious choice, but not exactly right. this song, to me, is about people who are misunderstood. since people aren't often around at night, its a place for them to come out. others pretend to understand them, and they pretend to understand themselves. personally, i always imagine this midnight car ride i went on with my cousin - we were just singing along with billy and airguitaring with d'arcy and james and drumming along with jimmy like we knew what we were doing. yay for the smashing pumpkins and for good memories!

I just think it's about either vampires. Or how people see themselves. He talks about being alone and on his own. Maybe it's how some people are ashamed of their looks and so they only go out when people won't really notice. Of course I might just be trying too hard to find another meaning for it.

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