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why does a male dog pee in the house

If a new resident moves into your home, have them feed, groom and play with your pet. This reduces the amount of marking due to an intruder being in the home. Give treats and frequent play times in the presence of a new baby, so your dog associates the baby with positive treatment, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Clean previous marking odors with an enzymatic cleaner, which is available at most pet stores. Allow your dog to mark during walks. Not allowing marking outside can frustrate your dog and increase the amount of peeing he does inside, according to the ASPCA.
Last night, a very upset pet parent contacted me about her dog. This was completely convinced her dog pees in the house out of vengeance. During our conversation, she mentioned her dog is completely potty trained, but has just started urinating in one spot in her bathroom. She was recently hospitalized for a week, She assumed her dog was peeing in her bathroom because she wasn t home. Once I calmed her down, I asked several questions and we chatted about appropriate steps to prevent this from happening again.

Inappropriate urination in dogs happens quite often, but it s not caused by vengeance. Dogs are simply blessed creatures. They donБt seek revenge, vengeance, payback or retaliation. Honestly, that s a wonderful way to live. While itБs easy to (we are human; thatБs what we do), dogs donБt think that way. Science has too. On that same note, dogs donБt feel guilt either. Dogs are opportunists. They make decisions based on current circumstances. Dogs do what works for them in that moment. After asking this upset client about her dog peeing in the bathroom, it turns out Sugar Bear doesnБt like pottying. It had rained every day for 10 days. If Sugar Bear refuses to pee outside, his pet parent brings him back indoors and forgets about it. Well, Sugar Bear still needs to pee. So, he trots off and finds a room far away and pees in a specific corner of the bathroom. Problem solved: His bladder is empty and life can happily carry on.

Anytime a previously urinates in the house, itБs best to rule out any issues first. A quick trip to your with a, should be the first step to prevent your housebroken dog from peeing in the house. Once your dogБs health has been cleared, itБs time to change his behavior through. Block access to the bathroom or the one room where your potty trained dog pees with a securely placed. Managing your dog s environment prevents him from wandering off and peeing in the house. Keep this barrier up for several weeks until your dog has learned to potty outside instead. Taking a step back in your progress and reteaching a behavior is completely normal. Reintroduce your dog to leashed potty breaks for several days. Grab your dogБs leash, stuff a few treats in your pocket and take your dog outside in the most boring area of your home. Now, just stand there and wait. Likely, your dog will sit, down, bark, or stand there and look at you. HeБs trying to figure out how to earn the treat in your pocket.

Just ignore him and wait. Your dog will walk away and urinate. As your dog pees, say БyesБ softly. Once heБs done urinating,. The word БyesБ marks the behavior you want (i. e. urinating outside) and means he earns a treat for doing this behavior. Remember to say yes softly or you ll risk startling your dog and he ll stop urinating. Oops! If your dog doesnБt potty after 10 minutes, bring him back inside and keep an eye on him. You might want to consider crating your dog since you might get distracted. After 30 minutes or so, take your dog back outside on leash and wait in the boring spot again. All dogs need to urinate, so the behavior will happen. If he doesnБt urinate now, he will eventually; you just have to wait for it. Continue taking your dog to potty in the boring part of your until he. Remember to say yes softly as he urinates and reward once he s completely done. Teach Him to Potty First, Play Later After a few days of leashed potty breaks, youБve likely rewarded outdoor urination many times.

Now, take your dog outside, off leash, and reward him for peeing outside. Once your dog potties, play a quick game of. Your dog will learn to potty first and play later. In the rare instance your dog runs around and plays instead of urinating outside, return to leashed potty breaks again. Once youБve witnessed your dog urinate outside for two weeks, you can now remove the baby gate. Make sure the previous indoor potty spot has been thoroughly cleaned with an specifically made for dog urine before removing the gate. Watch his old indoor potty spot carefully for any new marks. Usually, following these steps will eliminate inappropriate urination 80% of the time. However, if your dog continues to potty indoors, itБs time to hire a professional dog trainer. There are oodles of reasons why this behaviorб continues to happen, so itБs important for you to contact a positive reinforcement dog trainer to assess and recommend. Hang in there! Filed Under:, Tagged With:,

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