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why traveling is good for the soul

Travel is a big passion of mine. I love exploring new cities and countries to this day (if Ive counted right! ) Ive visited 34 countries and loved every minute of it. I know Im not alone here so I wanted to write about the connection between travelling and how this has the potential to make us happy. Travel is a wonderful way to achieve personal growth but how exactly can it relate to our psychological well-being and happiness? Travelling vastly isnt an option for many people but even that two week holiday a year can bring great benefit to your positive well-being if done a certain way. Ive been lucky enough to experience travel long-term and I wanted to share with you my insights into how I think this has allowed my personal growth to flourish. 1. Positive r
elationships Travel allows you to be a good ambassador. When you meet new people you are representing your country, a lone traveller, or anything that people may have preconceived ideas about. It opens up friendships both short and long term with short-term friendships containing just as much value through memories and shared experiences. Long term friendships leave you with many people to visit around the world which can only add to your happiness. 2. Freedom I ve spent some time travelling by myself which to many may induce feelings of anxiety. It did for me too! But by travelling alone you get that massive sense of freedom that stimulates growth and confidence which becomes part of you and is taken with you wherever you go in life. Being out in the big wide world in unfamiliar places can really expose yourself to yourself which can be scary but only adds to personal growth and understanding yourself better allowing you to see whats great about you and maybe not so great! 3. Confidence When you move around confidently, mastering your way around, exposing yourself to new experiences and immersing yourself in the culture, it can give you a sense of confidence that you rarely find anywhere else.

Knowing it is a little fearful but embracing it, letting it go and coming out the other end in tact, flourishes your confidence no end. 4. Restores your faith in humanity You can be quite vulnerable when travelling and sometimes plans dont work out as you thought they would. But its not until youre in that situation that you see just how kind strangers can be and how willing they are to help you out. The kindness of strangers can give you a sense of unity and shows just how much love is around this isnt always something you get to be exposed to when going about our humdrum lives. 5. Questions your own values Experiencing different people and different cultures allows us to see different perspectives, ways of doing things and almost provides a humbling experience because it shows us that we dont necessarily know everything or that there are alternative ways of doing things. Your reactions to different experiences whether comfortable or uncomfortable, brings growth and a deeper understanding of ourselves. Interacting with different cultures creates a sense of becoming more open, wiser and less ready to judge people. 6. Allows us to value ourselves Travel gets us thinking about our own self-respect and sense of accomplishment. It lets us see what we are capable of doing which cant always be apparent when we live our normal daily lives. We are constantly being tested when travelling and each time we are, we can surprise ourselves and see our potential and just how amazing we can be. Of course, travelling is different for everyone. I believe people gain what they fundamentally need and shows you what youre not seeing. Ultimately I think it allows us to indulge in things that we wouldnt normally do at home and gets us pushing ourselves naturally which goes towards our own flourishing and any kind of flourishing, big or small, will go towards psychological well-being and happiness.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with your friends and family. After all, sharing is caring! Traveling inevitably broadens your mind and enriches your life with some unforgettable experiences, and the fact is that its undoubtedly good for your soul, too. If you want to know how to accomplish that, just stay with us and keep on reading. Heres how traveling benefits your soul and overall well-being. When youre hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, the fact is that nothing is constant any longer. when you travel, from the scenery to the people you meet on your journey. Their culture, language, customs, and attitudes are likely to be drastically different from your own, which definitely isnt a bad thing. You can never know what youre going to come across when you turn around the corner, which is one of the best things when it comes to traveling. Unfamiliar territories, welcoming people, and unpredictable experiences are exactly what you should expect when you hit the road, so embrace all those changes and explore everything to the max! No matter how hectic travelling can be, the fact is that it can help you slow down and enjoy the moment. Even though many people come up with a detailed schedule when they are planning a trip, the truth is that you dont have to do that at all. If sleeping till noon and having a laid-back breakfast in bed is your cup of tea, you can definitely have that and enjoy your trip to the fullest. The key to success lies in slowing down a bit and appreciating whats going on around you. That will certainly lower your stress levels and therefore help you feel at peace! One of the best things about traveling is the fact that it lets you step out of your comfort zone.

It allows the majority of people to think outside the box, which helps them experience a lot of challenging and once-in-a-lifetime situations that make for unforgettable memories. No matter where youre travelling to, there will probably be food you dont like or some rude people that will annoy you, and the way of dealing with these situations is totally up to you. You will learn to get used to different tastes and people that would drive you crazy back at home, which is definitely a good thing. Besides, travelling is one of the best ways to try some new activities you would never consider at home, like bungee jumping, Zorbing, or trampoline jumping. Theres an, so make sure to check it out if you ever visit Sin City! Mindfulness is a trait that helps you concentrate on whats going on around you without being judgmental and close-minded, which is exactly what you can experience when youre traveling. People often tend to think about something as good or bad without even knowing anything about it, and thats what you should stop doing for your own sake. When youre on the road, youll be seeing a lot of different things, hearing different sounds, and smell all kinds of different smells, and you should know that comparing them with the familiar ones isnt what you should do. Instead, enjoy every moment of your trip without any prejudice, and youll instantly feel much better! As you can see, traveling can really affect you in a positive way. Both your body and soul will benefit from it simply because youll get a chance to experience all kinds of different situations far from home, which can bring you only good. So, travel as often as you can, to, because thats one of the best ways to achieve a peaceful state of mind and your overall well-being!

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