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why does he hurt me if he loves me

What if this guy is your best friend of 8 years and shows all the signs above? Is he just being nice as a best friend or has he fallen for me? I've only started falling for him and realising that we could be more than just friends a little over a year ago when many people started asking me why aren't the two of us together. And I couldn't answer that question myself. We seem perfect for each other. In the eyes of a stranger, we do appear as a couple, cos' we go shopping together, movies are always just the two of us, mostly everything is just the two of us. And he always repeats things like I've never met another person who has the same wavelength as us and recently he told me that he loves me with all his heart and that he is glad he has me in his life and always will.

But I just brushed it off because I thought he was telling me these things as a really close friend. But now I am starting to feel it might be something more. He gets me gifts with my name engraved on them, he has gotten me a necklace, and I never realised how many gifts of his I've accumulated over the years. We recently went on a trip together and we had gone with another couple that we were good friends with.

And many times I caught him staring at me (like when I was sleeping and just got up in the morning), and our fingers just seemed to brush a lot all of a sudden, and he would make an effort to distance the two of us from the other couple at as many opportunities that he could including making sure just the two of us watched the sunset together at the beach. But even though he had all these numerous opportunities to say something to me, he never did, which is why I'm left now all confused. What do you think?
I really love my boyfriend. we been together for 9 months in a long distance relation before which we were friends for 4 years (best friends).

He knew everything about my dating and my previous relationship. And now he uses all the mistakes I did with my ex to put me down in our relation. I try my best to not let my past come up between us but he just keeps doing it again and again. He says I'm manipulative! I don't know what to say most of the times I keep quite when he screams at me and calls me horrible names! I love him. He takes my silence as guilt and if I answer him back he calls me a manipulative selfish chic who doesn't care about his frustrations.

I'm just so helpless! I love him but at times I feel like going away from him,because he just makes me feel guilty for things I don't do intentionally and manages to convince me that I did something purposely when I don't even think of it. He doesn't let me share my problems with him and when I ask him to share his he says I'm incapable. Why is he even being with me? Is it possible to treat someone you love this way? I mean it's OK if he didn't care I love him and I was in pain but doesn't he remember he loves me how can he see me crying and begging him to stop and still think I'm a bitch.

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