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why does he hate me so much

( by Anonymous I was seeing this guy for a month at the beginning of January, I went for dates with him, I stayed round his, he was always telling me he liked me and being nice so I actually thought he liked me. I did sleep with him towards the end of that month. a week after that I went home for a little while but kept in contact with him during that time, he was like you are nice, sweet, funny and I hope I can see you again when you are back. I got back and he said do you want to see me the next day? the times that both of us could do the next day didn't match up, I could do the evening though and so could he but instead of arranging to meet up in the evening he was attending a student night which I saw on facebook.

He didn't get back to me. That night I had been drinking and was sending him drunk texts, he replied saying I will see you on sunday. On the saturday night I asked him if we were still meeting and he said no. then I don't feel anything for you please just forget me. The whole time he had been telling me he liked me, and I'd been as nice as possible, except for I sent some drunk texts and I did really apologise for that. He said he forgave me for that and that wasn't the reason he didn't want to see me again. From then on he blanked me completely, blocked me on facebook and hasn't spoken to me since. I looked on my old account at his facebook and saw hes now in a relationship.

Why did he tell me the whole time, right up until he ditched me that he really liked me? and why does he hate me enough to block me etc? I am saying this now because when I was really drunk a week ago, I went on my old account and sent him a friend request, then remembering the next morning I deleted the friend request in embarrassment! Now he has made his whole profile private, after obviously still getting the email?
Ok I know I have been at this for sometime now and I understand the narc/psycho make up and all the it entails. But his hatefulness towards me sometimes really still catches me off guard. Let's recap, first his a sick a-hole, didn't know when I met him and married him but for the first 8 years I ran circles around him because I didn't know what was happening.

Put up with the rages, the cheating the lying the emotional deadness of the marriage. All the while he is having his fun behind my back. Then I find out and finally had enough, find out my "I can't put my finger on what's wrong" feeling was caused by the fact he is a sick a-hole. So I leave. He had his fun at my expense, at the children expense, at the expense of our marriage. I left him with the one thing that matter most to him, our house, so why is he angry???? After one year and 4 months NC, he gets a letter that I was late on a payment to some property that we once owned together and he sends me an email laced in anger.

And I wondering why bother? He didn't try and email me or contact me when our daughter had her first baby, when she graduated, but a late letter gets him to send an email? Thank God I changed our telephone numbers, and blocked him from our personal emails. Unfortunately the best I can do at work is set it up for his emails to go straight to delete file. While clearing that up today I saw it, he must know that is happening because he puts his entire message on the subject field. I did NOTHING to him except protect myself from him. Stupid A-Hole. Sorry I just had to vent.

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