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why does bazooka joe have an eye patch

AlthoughP the USA is by far the greatest nation to ever exist on the planet, most Americans are nothing but a bunch of
FRICKIN sheep, who accept anything without question. P Your Old Pal New York Vinnie is not sure what causes this condition; is it just that folks don t care about some of the messed up stuff that exists in our society? Or, could it be that after working their jobs and taking care of their families, folks are just too FRICKIN tiredPto question authority? Long-time readers of New York Vinnie, are well aware that I do not just sit there and accept the CRAPPOLA that people in high places try to spoon out like pabulum to people in this country. Whether it be in the world of sports, politics or entertainment; when something out there stinks, New York Vinnie is going to bring it to your attention. New York Vinnie is never going to be a member of the Silent Majority if you catch my drift. A few weeks ago, New York Vinnie had the pleasure of taking care of my eleven year old niece Angelina, while my sister and her husband were on vacation. We were heading back to the house when New York Vinnie s Doll and Angelina decided they wanted to stop and get some candy. Among some of the items that Angelina picked up was some bubble gum; she was just about to throw away the wrapper when New York Vinnie asked her if I could read the comics before she tossed it out. New York Vinnie has not chewed gum in years, and it has been a long time since I checked out the comics.

When New York Vinnie looked at the comics I saw that it was still Bazooka Joe and his gang who were featured. The characters had changed somewhat, as well as the appearance of Bazooka Joe, but he was still wearing that eye patch that New York Vinnie remembered from when I was just a kid. All of a sudden, a thought struck New York Vinnie like a FRICKIN Thunderbolt! P Why in the world does Bazooka Joe have just one eye? What kind of FRICKIN SICKO would draw a little boy with just one eye as the main character in a comic-strip? Did the cat who created Bazooka Joe, think that there was something comical about a little boy with an eye patch? Now if you remember the other characters were kind of strange, with one his buddies being a fat boy and the other some FRICKIN DOPE who wore his turtle-neck over his mouth. So it would seem that who everPthought up Bazooka Joe thought that the idea of a little boy with just one eye was comical. That was when it hit New York Vinnie, that you must have some real FRICKIN issues, to think that this poor kid losing an eye was in any way funny. PWhat kind of Perverted Child-Molester could ever think such a thing was at all humorous? So New York Vinnie did a little digging, and according to it turns out that the creator ofP Bazooka Joe, started out drawing pornographic cartoons before World War II. This cat s name was Wesley Morse and his claim to fame was drawing dirty comic-books!

The article says that Woody Gelman, who was in charge of product developement hired Morse back in the early fifties and that Bazooka Joe and his gang made their debut almost 60 years ago, back in 1954. Now according to the website the manufacturer of the gum claims that he has good vision in both eyes, and that he just wears the eye-patch to stand out from the crowd. Is that the biggest load of CRAPPOLA Pthat you have ever read in your life? P What kind of kid would rather see out of just one eye instead of two just to be different? New York Vinnie does not buy this for one second, and most likely you feel exactly the same way. So New York VinniePis going to put out a challenge to the manufacturer; if indeed Bazooka Joe does have two good eyes thenPtake off the FRICKIN eye-patch, and give him a distinctive shirt or cap. Give him a FRICKIN tatoo, or have him wear an earing; but if what you state is true then allow Bazooka Joe to enjoy the world with both of his eyes! Sometime between 1952 and 1954, and Ben Solomon, the heads of Product Development at, approached cartoonist to create Bazooka Joe and his Gang. The character was named after a contest was held asking for suggestions. Morse was the original artist on Bazooka Joe, and was also the artist for many of the pornographic drawings collected into so-called " " or "eight-pagers", popular in the pre-war period, which are considered a precursor to the of the 1960s and 1970s.

An excerpt from Heroes of the Comics: Portraits Of The Pioneering Legends of Comic Books - "Gelman, along with his friend and former co-animator Ben Solomon, created Popsicle Pete, who appeared in ads and packages for Popsicle ice pops for decades. Popsicle Pete caught the eye of president of the Topps Company, Arthur Shorin, who hired Gleman and Solomon to work for him full time in Brooklyn. Gelman worked as an editor and write for Topps, and Solomon became its art director. Gelman soon became head of the new product development department, where he developed the Bazooka Joe mini-comics (drawn by Wesley Morse) and had his hand in many successful innovations for trading cards and other products. " The style of the Bazooka Joe comics changed with the times, as with almost all advertising characters of the 20th century who had any sort of longevity. Joe eventually adopted a more contemporary look by the 1990s, complete with low-slung, baggy jeans. From 1967 to 1990, the main writer was cartoonist. Bazooka Joe comics were localized or translated for sale in other countries. For example, the Canadian version featured bilingual (simultaneous English and French) text balloons.

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why does bazooka joe have an eye patch