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why would you like to volunteer at a hospital

Here are some of the reasons why our volunteers give their time at Grand River HospitalБ 1) To Бgive backБ to the KW community. I feel a great sense of satisfaction in contributing my time, as well as enjoying the camaraderie of fellow volunteers! 2) I do it because it makes me feel good! I believe that any act of kindness, whether it's a smile, a hug, giving a few hours every week helping someone who needs a boost through volunteering, whatever the act, creates a 'ripple effect' and these good vibes come back to us 10-fold, every time. 3) I volunteer because cancer has touched my family and I feel it is the best way to thank all of the other volunteers and staff who have helped those close to me. 4) I believe that what I am doing will make a difference with the person I am helping in the community and it brings a powerful new attitude of gratitude to my daily life. 5) To help bring a smile to the faces of people going through the hardest times of their lives. 6) Trying to help and make patients understand that there is still a life after suffering a traumatic experience. 7) Because it is good for everyone, including you! 8) I volunteer because I like to give others hope.

It also does my heart good. 9) The most important reason why I volunteer is that it gives me an opportunity to continue "working" in my field and use my skills. It gets you out of the house and you meet all kinds of new and different people. 10) I enjoy putting smiles on peopleБs faces, I love the warm feeling I get in my heart when I help someone who may not be able to help themselves.
Me (in my head): For Christ s sake didn t I already go over this with the other woman?

Me: Oh, well, uh, you know, there are certain things you can t acquire in college (thinking: like money; applicable real world knowledge ), and growing up overseas there weren t a lot of opportunities for work, so I guess it s just work experience, really. Pause. (Thinking: God damn that was a douchebag answer. ) Pause. She looks at me again. Me:. Yeah. Interlude: This was at a Children s Museum, by the way. I volunteered for their gift shop so I can add YES I CAN HANDLE MONEY WITHOUT STEALING IT to my resume. But what was I supposed to say? - Oh, well I have such a burning desire to sort through used baby/toddler clothes!

I love numbing my mind; that s why I listen to Linken Park! -(Perfectly straight face) I have a passion for children. I like them very much. ---Response to that is, Sorry, but we re not hiring pedophiles right now. What a stupid loaded question. Ho-ly shit. What did you expect me to say? In the 2 hour long all-staff meeting that followed (*gargling sounds*) I could feel everyone (read: 20 females, 3 guys) look at me like: Oh, him? He s just here for work experience. Doesn t give two shits about our organization. Speaking of the all-staff meeting, they discussed some pertinent, top-secret information with everyone. HAI NEW GUY HUR IZ SECRET. Blah.

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