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why does draft beer give me a headache

IMO, this is just complete crap. I was a bartender for years, and heard this stuff all the time, both directions. One guy would say that he could only drink draught, and another would say he could only drink bottles. Almost no consistency to to people offering up either. I think perception is reality, and as other have mentioned, people create their reality based on what they heard, what they were drinking the night that lead to their worst hangover in college, whatever. I have dealt with these people in the past by simply removing their bias, and having them drink the beverages blind. Without fail, I have done this exact procedure with many of these peeps:
Take a set of 6 shot glasses, and show both draught and bottled/canned versions of the same beer. Tell the guy you re going to mark the bottoms of the shot glasses so you know which is which, and then he will drink them blind and identify them by taste.

Do not tell him how many will be in each flight. Start pouring flights and put them in front of him. Pour the canned/bottled version in every single shot glass, all damn night. Watch with amusement as the guys writes down on a sheet of paper which he thought was which, putting tally marks on both side. He will be all over the board, of course. Whatever the interval is at which he normally claims the draught headache (after an hour, end of night, next morning, etc. ) ask him if he still got the draught headache even though it was a mixture of the two. He will of course say that yes, he still got a headache due to even the partial amount of draught that was included in the blind testing.

Then, tell that moron that it was all bottled/canned, and never listen to the garbage again. Background: I generally prefer beers from the likes of Bells, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams. But, I drink a reasonable amount of Miller Lite as well for multiple reasons that Iвm not going to defend. I drink most nights, usually between 2 and 10 per go. I almost never have any symptoms from drinking the next day. The problem Iвm trying to solve: is random, non-dehydration caused, severe headaches. Hereвs the information I have that leads me to believe there is something in the tap lines or other area unique to non-canned beer that causes these types of headaches. This past Thursday, I went to a bowling alley and 5 of us only drank Miller Lite tap beer all night.

All of us are professionals when it comes to tipping a few back. Two of the drinkers estimate they had less than 16 oz. each. All of us had extreme, unexplainable, headaches the next day. By contrast, this past Saturday I probably had 15 beers- no hangover the next day. I have run into this a few other times at random bars. This time was the most obvious because there were so many of us and nobody drank anything else. In reading many internet posts in my search to find what causes this problem, many of the commenters suggest it is simply due to dehydration and this is why you shouldnвt drink so much. As I said, it isnвt a regular hangover. I have had plenty and too many of us had Any ideas? Just bad tap lines? How do we rid the world of this problem?

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