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why does banana and sprite make you puke

The Banana Sprite challenge is a challenge in which players quickly consume two and one liter of without. There are other versions of the challenge, but the suggested premise is that the body cannot digest both substances at the same time. While the vomit response is commonly assumed to be a between the two foods, the reaction may also occur due simply to the large amount of food and drink ingested within a short period.

Dietician Heather Boline observes that the human stomach can only hold around two cups, saying "Too much food or liquid in your stomach if your stomach doesnt have that capability can make you vomit. "
Thus, the vomiting response is likely due to an inability for the stomach to contain the substances.

However, there is no exact answer to why consuming Sprite and bananas quickly causes you to vomit. Some people have a theory that a chemical reaction occurs between the two. Others believe that you only throw up because you are eating so much in so little time, and your stomach can t hold all of that! So while there is no definite answer to this challenge, we do know one thing: chemistry is involved in both bananas and Sprite!

While chemistry may not be the reason for the Sprite and banana challenge, we do know chemistry is important in both bananas and Sprite separately! This is just another example of how chemistry is important in our daily lives!

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