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why do you want to work in advertising answer

When giving a book crit I would often finish with the above question. I wasn t trying to catch anyone out or check the extent of their sad devotion to this ancient religion. I was genuinely interested, and I still am. I sometimes try to remember why I wanted to work in this industry and how the coupling eventually came about. Well, like someone who has blacked out the initial moments of a car crash, I really don t know how this came about, but one day I found myself in the office of John Banks, the, ex-MD of Y R. His offices were on Brook Street, almost opposite the old Commes Des Garcons shop and I was duly impressed by this Mayfair address. Like I said, I have no idea how I got there, but I do remember Mr. Banks asking me which job in advertising I was seeking. I aslo remember having little idea of what he was talking about. He gently explained the basics of the account management and creative departments and suggested I head off to the IPA to find out more. I went there immediately and found out that I did not want to work in account management.

Around Christmas I sent out a spoof Absolut ad (Absolut Despair. It had a picture of me drowning my sorrows above a series of dismal puns about being neat and a good mixer ) that asked for work experience the following Easter. The agency that took me on was the now-defunct, who got me to catalogue Yellow Fats in their account management, where I found out that I did not want to work in account management. While I was there I hung around in the creative department as much as possible. There a nice chap called Mark pointed me in the direction of Watford and the rest was a very minor footnote in advertising history. So, although I m not clear about what set me off in the direction of advertising, even when I learned about the industry from the inside it still took me quite a while to work out what a creative was and indeed that I wanted to be one. If any of you can be bothered to explain it, I d love to hear how and why you got into advertising.
I have been asked this question before and I expect to be asked it again many times in the future.

I am not entirely sure what the correct answer to this question is. I genuinely worry that potential employers will respond to any answer I give with: Sorry, you did not use these particular adjectives to describe your dream/ambition/passion, therefore we doubt your sincerity. We were looking for X, Y and Z. Thanks for playing. The thing about passions and ambitions is that they are often based on feelings and emotions. Anyone who has read poetry knows that putting feelings and emotions into words can easily make you sound pretentious. There is always the risk that when you have to sound genuine it will sound forced. В The catch is if you try too hard to sound genuine you will not stand any chance of actually sounding genuine. В I have used the word genuine too many times already, and from now on anything I say definitely will not seem genuine.

Therefore, it seems like as good a time as any to give my Why I want to work in marketing answer, now that I have made it clear that I may come off as being pretentious and insincere: Marketing is one of the few industries where when someone comes up with an innovative business strategy or idea and the end result is something creative. Before I was simply infatuated with the creativity of adverts. Now it is the process behind this creative content which fascinates me. Marketing deals with people в real people not just business people. How people behave and think and act and interact and so on is always going to be interesting. People are unpredictable, inconsistent and remarkable. Moreover, the industry is becoming more human in the sense that brands are trying to engage with people, understand them better and stimulate conversations with them. Working in marketing is a way of being on both sides of that conversation.

Marketing в especially advertising and digital marketing в is at the forefront of cool. It loves new things and ideas. The cool and the new are often at the intersection of art, technology, culture and music. Have you ever spoken to marketing people? They are a bizarre mixture of laid-back and proactive. It is important for me to surround myself with people like that and to be to be in a fun and creative environment working with intelligent people. Those are only a couple of reasons, which may not be perfect answers to the formidable and unavoidable question. These reasons may change over time, or they may become more concentrated and precise as I learn more about marketing and, indeed, get a better sense of what my future role will be. Nevertheless, the reasons allude to an overarching feeling I get about why I want to work in marketing; A feeling that drives me, gets me excited and makes me perpetually want to learn more about the industry.

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