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why does a government need an administration

Could you elaborate on what you mean? Are you asking about an American agency? There isn't an agency with that name, but several could be the one you're thinking of. The General Service Administration (GSA), founded in 1949, is a basic managerial arm of the US federal government, which provides logistical (facilities, communications) support and budget information to other agencies. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), founded in 1979, is essentially the human resources department of the civilian federal government; in charge of recruiting, training, paying, and setting many standards for civil servants.

OPM also does much of the work regarding the issuance of security clearances. You might also be thinking of any number of the New Deal "alphabet agencies" which were set up to employ Americans in public works projects during the Great Depression. These include the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and the Federal Works Administration (FWA), to name but a few.
The and delegate specific authority to government agencies to the complex facets of the modern.

Also, most of the 50 have created similar government agencies. The term "government agency" or "administrative agency" usually applies to one of the, which exercise some degree of independence from the President's control. Although the heads of independent agencies are often appointed by the government, they can usually be removed only for cause. The heads of independent agencies work together in groups, such as a commission, board or council. Independent agencies often function as miniature versions of the federal government with the authority to (through the issuing, or "promulgation" of ), to disputes, and to agency regulations (through enforcement personnel).

Examples of independent agencies include the (FCC), (SEC), the (NLRB) and the (FTC). A broader definition of the term "government agency" also means the that include the President's, and their sub-units. Examples of these agencies include the (DOE) and the (IRS), which is a bureau of the. Most federal agencies are created by Congress through called " " which define the scope of an agency's authority. Because the does not expressly mention federal agencies (as it does the three branches), some commentators have called agencies the "headless fourth branch" of the federal government.

However, most independent agencies are technically part of the executive branch, with a few located in the legislative branch of government. By enacting the (APA) in 1946, Congress established some means to oversee government agency action. The APA established uniform procedures for a federal agency's promulgation of rules, and adjudication of claims. The APA also sets forth the process for of agency action.

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