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why do you want to work for waitrose

I went along to a Group Interview this week there were a mix of ages from those still at school to more mature older people wanting a full time job. There were 2 blokes from Waitrose running the event - a young fella called George who looked a bit like Justin Timberlake and was friendly and put you at ease. The other bloke was older and quite grumpy and not very engaging which was a shame especially as he was the Waitrose trainer. We did an ice-breaker you had to gt in a row dependent on how long it would take you to get to the new store and mode of travel with out speaking. The introductions were name, why you want to work for Waitrose, what you`ve been doing the last 6 months, who your ideal dinner date would be where you`d take them and what you`d eat. The activities we had were split into 3 groups and list all the qualities that make a good Waitrose employee and choose the top 3.

Then we had an activity that involved the whole group - benefits of working for Waitrose and choose the 4 false benefits frok the laminated cards. The idea is to see what team work qualities you have and like many people say you must get your view across be noticed and vocal with out being too pushy/dominant. All this lasted about an hour and a half then you had to produe proof of being a UK citizen or your right to work in the UK such as passport and a photocopy of it. You were given 2 sheets of paper - one you had to fill out your preferred role/roles in store from the list (more the better) hours availabe max (permanent) part time. The other sheet was a list of dates for training. You filled these out handed them to the Justin Timberlake look alike and he then said they`d try to match you to your preferences.

I got an email saying "they were proceeding with my application and would be in touch within the next 2 weeks to see if they had matched me to a position or alternatively theyd keep me on hold for 3 months to see if there was anything suitable. I feel like Im in limbo and now have another 2 weeks to wait. Personally I got the impression that theyve already made their choices for the jobs on offer and theyre just heding their bets in case their first choice people either turn them down or don`t live up to expectation after 3 months.
The Waitrose interview process generally takes between one and three weeks to complete. Applicants begin by submitting the required employment materials online or in-person at desired Waitrose locations. Waitrose hiring forms typically ask for contact information, availability, and job history, in addition to posing questions regarding analytical reasoning and writing abilities.

Successful applicants move on to group interviews where hiring managers screen for team-oriented and friendly personalities. During Waitrose group interviews, candidates perform various tasks related to available positions. Waitrose desires personable, attentive, and outgoing individuals. Applicants who exude desirable qualities then receive invitations to interview with hiring managers face-to-face in one-on-one interview formats. Multiple job interviews typically prove normal for the Waitrose hiring process, regardless of position desired. Confidence and energetic, cheerful attitudes benefit prospective associates greatly during the Waitrose hiring process. Standard questions asked during Waitrose interviews include: What are your strengths and weaknesses? , Why do you want to work for Waitrose? , and What is your favorite meal?.

Most Waitrose job interview questions allow room for applicants to demonstrate attributes and expand upon past experiences both professional and personal. Candidates also respond to interview questions regarding customer service, such as: How would you handle a customer complaint? and How would you sell (product) to a customer?. Answer truthfully and engage the hiring manager in an enthusiastic and upbeat manner. Entry-level applicants with Waitrose should dress business-casual, while more advanced careers seekers may consider wearing more formal attire. Arrive a few minutes ahead of time to prepare for each interview, and express gratitude for the job prospect at the conclusion of each session. Applicants should follow up with Waitrose after a few days of completing the final interview.

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