why does baby hit self in head

Mom s Question: We are concerned about our 10-month-old boy who recently started hitting himself on his head. It seems he does this when he gets excited. Our son would hit the right side of his head with his right hand and sometimes both sides with both hands. And it seems he is doing this more often now. We ve read many forums where other parents are experiencing the same thing. However, I have not seen in these forums what explains this behavior and if it is normal. Should we be concerned? Is this a normal behavior? What is the cause or explanation of this behavior? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you,
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Baby Helpline: Baby Hitting Himself Normal Or Not? You re completely right that this is a common behavior, especially at around 1-year-old. There are a number of reasons why a baby might be doing this, and it is completely normal: So what to do.? You don t have to worry. It is normal and it passes. Since your boy in now 10 months old, he is starting to understand words, and you can say no and gently stop him from hitting himself. You can also show him with his hand how to pat gently or something like that. BUT don t make a lot of fuss about it if your reactions are strong, or if he gets a lot of attention for this behavior, you might end up actually reinforcing it! So unless he seems to be hurting himself, try ignoring the behavior and focus on distracting him instead.

I ve noticed for example that talking even to quite young babies (at around 1-1. 5 years) in a very engaged way, confirming their feeling without judging can really make them calmer. At least sometimes. But again, any kind of positive distraction is usually the most effective way with young children if you want to reduce a certain behavior. While is most cases, this is just normal baby behavior, it can also be a reason for concern. Hitting the head all through the day for no apparent reason and would be a reason for concern and should be discussed with at pediatrician, but that does not seem to be the case with your son. But above all don t worry! Your boy is learning how to deal with his emotions, and that takes time. (A whole lifetime, really р ) Just make sure he doesn t hurt himself or someone else. And don t yell at him. Hope this helps! Find comments below. Image by: It hurts my heart to see my daughter hurt herself by: Louise 22 My daughter is 20 months now, and she started a week ago hitting herself in the head when she s upset or crying and she also covers her mouth when she cries. I separated from her father, who is 25, about a month ago and we both now live with our parents. His household is a stressful environment to be in, lots of shouting, swearing, and temper tantrums from his younger brother.

His whole family is very caring people who have big hearts and love to take care of each other, but with teenagers in the house, there is a lot of tension in the air. Now, my house is very quiet, it is just me, my mommy, daughter, and our dogs. Even though I am still suffering from post-partum depression, it is still a much calmer environment to be in. When my daughter returns from a day or night at her father s house, she has panic attacks, hits herself in the head and covers her mouth when she cries. It upsets me very much to see my darling child hurt herself for no reason. My mother and I cannot figure out why she has started to do this. The only thing we can link it to would be how she feels when she is at her father s house. My mother thinks she is so wound up when she is there, that when she comes home she has to let it all out. When she is home she will not leave my arms, I still have to rock her to sleep in my arms and walk around her bedroom for about an hour, every single night. She still wakes up in the middle of the night crying and she has nightmares every second night. I am so worried about my girl. I don t know how to make her stop. When she starts hitting herself I just hold her hands away and say it s okay baby, it s okay in a very calming voice and press my face or my forehead against hers.

She sometimes attempts to do it again, but I usually get her to stop. The only option I see is taking her to the doctors to have it documented that she is stressed for future reference if a custody battle comes into play, and see what else our doctor recommends. Can anyone explain what is happening to my little girl? Comment by EasyBabyLife: You and your daughter are in a new and stressful situation no wonder your daughter is acting out. If she used to live with both you and her dad and now all of a sudden is always separated from one of you, it is a big change for her! Also living in new environments is a big change. You say that her dad s family is loving. That is great! If you can, ask him to protect her from the worst arguments over there. In the long run, she will learn that life is different with mom and dad and she will be cool about it. The fact that she is acting out when she is with you (and not with her dad? ) might be because she is more attached to you. Most babies are. So being away from you is tough and it has only been a month. But it doesn t necessarily mean that dad s house is bad for her. Try to continue to do what you do be with her, hold her, love her and also have FUN with her. Laughter is great for healing! You ll get through and she will too. Warm wishes,

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