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why would someone want to buy diabetic test strips

BALTIMORE The WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team has discovered that there's growing concern in Maryland surrounding the resale of test strips that are used many times a day by diabetics. "I'm going to talk about diabetic testing supplies because they can make you money," a YouTube video says. It may seem like an unlikely get-rich-quick plan, but as the YouTube video shows, it is a growing industry. "I specifically mean the test strips, because lancets aren't worth that much," the person in the video goes on to say. There are also roadside signs, such as some in Baltimore, that solicit cash for diabetic test strips, which are a lifeline for diabetics like 24-year-old Devin Jackson, who monitors her glucose level six to 10 times a day. "In the long run, that can save you from tons of complications, from going blind to kidney problems. So, it's super important to be able to test your blood sugar multiple times a day," she said. Despite that critical routine, people are selling their unused strips at storefronts in Baltimore and in other locations. The I-Team sent a WBAL employee there to see if he could sell some test strips, but the store was very specific about what it wanted, and it didn't want the type he had. "I didn't have the brands that they liked, and they actually do want it in full box form," the unidentified WBAL employee said. On Craigslist, the I-Team found a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, man who offered reporter Deborah Weiner $11 for an unopened box of 50 strips and $13 for another brand. If he resells them, which Weiner assumed he would do, the profit could be huge because the strips retail for more than $80 a box. "I was initially very disturbed," said Dr.

Sherita Golden, of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She said the test strips are among the most expensive part of glucose monitoring. She feels that the entrepreneurs who often advertise in low-income neighborhoods are targeting the disadvantaged. "It was heartbreaking to me that patients would find themselves in a situation where they would feel this is a way to make extra income and perhaps not do as well with their diabetes self-care," Golden said. The I-Team also wanted to know if the resale practice was legal. It is for those who are buying the test strips; however, those who are selling them are breaking the law if they were paid for by Medicare or Medicaid, officials said. The Office of Inspector General told the I-Team that it is paying close attention to the resale industry, which it called lucrative for people who want to commit health care fraud. As perhaps an added incentive to sell test strips, some of the companies buying them claim they will donate a portion of their proceeds to groups like the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, Weiner reported. She said one claimed it would donate to a humane society in Nebraska. The I-Team contacted each of those groups, all of which said they didn't have any record of donations from those businesses. Meanwhile, Jackson, who has lived with diabetes nearly her whole life, said she finds the new industry built around test strips to be disturbing. "Strips are very important to me.

That's how I can stay healthy and live a long, healthy, happy life while having diabetes," she said. It seems that in Baltimore, which has one of the highest populations of diabetics in the state, test strips have become an unusual commodity.
I don t know what the hell is wrong with people but all of the sudden I see a new Diabetic Strips trend amongst some of these real estate forums that I frequent. PI guess this is some fall back plan people are pushing on newbiesPif you re not able to make it as a successful real estate investor. I can hardly stomach the thought. From what I understand, you can buy people s unwanted diabetic strips for $3 or $4 bucks, and then resell them on eBay for $10 $15. First of all, I ve listed a few things of my own on eBay. I cant tell you right now that listing items on eBay and managing an eBay store is complete and utter bullshit. It takes up too much of your time, there s too much customer service, people complaining, wanting refunds, leaving negative feedback for no reason, etc. PI don t know about you, but I value my time a whole lot more than what I might make if I sell a box of diabetic strips. I know there s a dying need for people to work for themselves and make a living without being under the supervision of someone else. And I m sure there s a market for SOMEONE to sell diabetic strips. BUT I m seeing people that are in REAL ESTATE groups, who are trying to break into the business of creative real estate investing talking about selling diabetic strips! WHAT IN THE HELL????

You guy must ve lost your minds. PListen. It s takes energy to be an entrepreneur. PIt takes JUST AS MUCH energy and focus to sell real estate as it does to sell diabetic strips. PThe only difference is that you re most likely NOT going to make $200 when you sell a house. PYou re going to make 4 or 5 FIGURES $ $ $ $ $ $. PWhy would you expend ANY of your energy, focus, time, or money, trying to make $20? or $100? Or even $200? If you re aspiring to become a real estate wholesaler, or travel down the very fulfilling path of a successful real estate investor, then there s one piece of advice that I can offer. PDON T TRY TO SELL DIABETIC STRIPS. Puse your energy to focus on a business model that can be sustained in a positive frame of mind for the rest of your life. Strive to learn a business that has made NUMEROUS millionaires. Remember that people will try to Pmake everything sound easy, intriguing the most desperate of people to buy into the dream. PWell, its NOT. PSelling diabetic strips isn t easy, selling cars isn t easy, selling information online isn t easy, and selling houses isn t easy. PSo if you have to decide on which path to travel, choose the one that will be the most satisfying, the most prosperous, the most rewarding, the most profitable. I think you know which one I m referring to. Here s how to get rich from Diabetic Strips: PSTAY AWAY FROM THEM! AND DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES REAL MONEY. (REAL ESTATE) Spend your energy on something that will give you a REAL foundation of knowledge, and send you on your way to making REAL MONEY.

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